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1. The Cost of Danckuts Crisps in Tanzania

The Cost of Danckuts Crisps in Tanzania


Danckuts is a popular brand of crisps that has gained widespread popularity in Tanzania, and many other African countries due to its delicious taste and affordable price. However, there has been little information regarding the availability and cost of this snack food in Tanzania. In this article, we will explore the cost of Danckuts crisps in Tanzania.


Danckuts crisps are easily available at most supermarkets and mini-marts across major cities in Tanzania. They are also sold by street vendors who operate carts or stalls at busy intersections or outside schools.

Price Range

The prices for Danckuts crisps can differ depending on where they are being sold as well as supply demands at that particular moment. Below is an overview of the average prices:

  • Small pack (30g): TSH 500 – TSH 1,000 ($0.21-$0.43)
  • Medium pack (60g): TSH 1,200 – TSH 1,800 ($0.52-$0.78)
  • Large pack (120g): TSH 2,200 -TSH 3,000 ($0.95-$1.30)

It’s worth noting that these prices may vary from store to store needlessly raising your expenditure rate when you can just walk a few blocks away to get it cheaper!

Also contributing factors such as competition levels between stores found close together could cause their pricing strategies towards these snacks different individually

If you prefer buying them online through Tanzanian based e-commerce websites like Jumia or Kilimall there too you’ll find some reasonable offers which range from $11 up to $25 depending on quantity.


Overall,Danckuts crisp continues to be an affordable yet tasty snack option for many people living in Tanzania.While every vendor may have their own pricing strategy, the prices shared above give a rough estimation of how much you should expect to pay for Danckuts crisps in Tanzania. If you are looking to indulge in some tasty and affordable snacks then head over to your nearest store that sells Danckuts crisps!


How much do Danckuts crisps cost in Tanzania?

A: The cost of Danckuts crisps in Tanzania can vary depending on the location and the retailer. On average, a small packet of Danckuts crisps costs around TZS 500-1000 while a larger pack can cost up to TZS 2000.

    Are Danckuts crisps expensive compared to other brands in Tanzania?

    A: In comparison to other potato crisp brands available in Tanzania, Danckuts is considered moderately priced. There are some more affordable options but also some more expensive, premium potato chips from other international brands.

      Where can I find Danckuts crisps in Tanzania?

      A: You can find packets of Danckut’s crispy snacks in most supermarkets and retail stores throughout the country. Large chain stores like Shoprite or Nakumat stock them as well as smaller shops and roadside vendors that sell snacks and biscuits.