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8 KVA Generators & Prices in Tanzania

Need dependable Tanzanian power? 8 KVA generators may be ideal. These portable generators can power small to medium-sized equipment, making them perfect for household and commercial usage. Depending on brand and amenities, they cost 2–10 million Tanzanian shillings.

8 KVA generators are inexpensive and beneficial. Their small size and ease of use make them ideal for outdoor events, construction sites, and emergency backup power. With an 8 KVA generator, you can be certain you’ll always have power. An 8 KVA generator powers refrigerators, air conditioners, power tools, and computers. Small enterprises that require a power backup might consider it.

There are several 8 KVA generator brands and types. Fuel type, loudness, and safety features affect prices. Regardless of brand or price, an 8 KVA generator is a great investment that will deliver consistent electricity for years.

Owning a generator a decade or two ago was only for the affluent. Generators were luxury equipment rather than the necessities they have become today. Nowadays, almost every home, office, or business venue owns at least one generator. This is because of the erratic nature of power supply in the country today.

The market is filled with several brands of generators of different sizes and capacities. One of the more popular sizes among businesses and residential buildings is the 8 KVA generator. What is the current cost of 8 KVA generators in Tanzania? This post will answer this question and a few others that you might have in mind.

8 KVA Generators & Prices in Tanzania

8 KVA Generators & Prices in Tanzania

The size of the generator you choose will determine how many pieces of equipment you can power using this equipment. If your power needs are not too large but cannot be powered by a small generator, we suggest that you consider an 8 KVA generator or another generator within the same class.

Once you have figured out your power supply requirement, the next thing you should do is find out the cost of the generator you want to buy. As we mentioned earlier, there are different brands of generators on the market. Though all these generators are in the same class, their prices differ based on their brands and accessories. We have surveyed the market to find out the prices of these generators on your behalf. Check the prices out below:

  • Maxi 8 KVA E80K generator: TSh1,108,496 Naira – TSh1,948,098
  • Hyundai 8.5 KVA generator: TSh1,602,971 – TSh1,684,478
  • Lutian 8.8 KVA LT10990 generator: TSh1,412,788 – TSh1,614,000
  • Thermocool 8.5 KVA Generator (Ultimate): TSh4,016,924 – TSh5,379,462
  • Honda EM10000 8 KVA generator: TSh4,075,350 – TSh10,325,000

Note that generators that produce between 6 KVA and 9 KVA are placed in the same category as 8 KVA generators. As a result, we will also provide a list of generators within this class and their current prices below:

  • Thermocool 8.5 KVA Generator (Ultimate): TSh4,016,924 – TSh5,379,462
  • Thermocool 6.75 KVA Generator (Odogwu Max): TSh2,445,210 – TSh3,018,180
  • Thermocool 7.5 KVA Optima 9200RS Remote Generator: TSh2,053,977 – TSh2,825,576
  • Thermocool 6.25 KVA Optima 7500 Remote Generator: TSh1,856,100 – TSh2,472,379
  • Thermocool 6.0 KVA Generator (Igwe): TSh1,551,350 – TSh2,227,858
  • Firman 6.1KW ECO 8990ES generator: TSh1,059,591 – TSh1,452,600
  • Firman 7 KVA ECO 10990ES generator: TSh1,228,039 – TSh1,920,660
  • Mikano 9 KVA generator: TSh10,325,000 – TSh15,759,000
  • Elepaq 9 KVA SV22000E2 generator: TSh1,015,206 to TSh1,249,774
  • Sumec Firman 6.0 KVA generator: TSh1,249,774 – TSh1,452,600
  • Lutian 7.5 KVA LT8000 generator: TSh1,196,297 – TSh1,684,478
  • Lutian 6.3 KVA LT7990E generator: TSh1,048,724 – TSh1,318,100
  • Elemax 8.5 KVA SH11000 generator: TSh7,628,000 – TSh10,325,000
  • Lister Petter 6 KVA: TSh3,658,400 to TSh7,048,000
  • Senci 6.5 KVA SC10000: TSh968,400 – TSh1,602,971
  • Senci 7.5 KVA SC13000: TSh1,059,591 – TSh1,920,660
  • Maxi 7.5 KVA EK75 (with wheel): TSh1,100,345 – TSh1,602,971
  • Maxi 6.5 KVA E65 (with wheel): TSh982,281 – TSh1,399,338
  • Hyundai 9 KVA Diesel Sound-Proof generator: TSh8,232,000 – TSh8,781,000

You will likely come across slight price variations depending on your location and who you buy the generator from. Also, the prices of these items are hardly stable. They fluctuate because of factors like exchange rates, brand regulations, customs duties, and so on. TanzanianPrice will be on the lookout for price changes and will update this post accordingly once we notice any.

Specifications of 8 KVA Generators in Tanzania

Asides from the price and power capacity of a generator, another factor you must consider before buying generator is their specification. This factor provides information about the generator’s functions, accessories, features, and maintenance. As such, from the specifications, you can tell how your generator will operate, the kind of fuel it uses, its fuel efficiency, and several other important pieces of information.

We have checked the specifications of some of the generators on our list. This section will provide these details.

Honda EM10000 8 KVA Generator Specifications

This brand is recognized around the world over for its high-quality products. It dived into the manufacture of generators and has grown to become one of the top producers of this equipment. The EM10000 is a durable generator that comes with a four-stroke engine, AVR, and other interesting features. Check out some of these features below:

  • Type: Open Series
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • AC Output Voltage: 220V
  • Rate AC Output: 8.0kVA
  • AC Output: 9.0kVA
  • DC Output: –
  • Voltage Regulation System: Digital AVR
  • Model: GX630H
  • Type: Silinder Ganda, 4-Tak, OHV
  • Displacement: 688 cm³
  • Oil Capacity: 1.7 litres
  • Ignition System: CDI Magnet Ignition
  • Starting System: Electric
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 31 lt
  • Continuous Operation Hour (rated load): 6.5 hrs
  • Continuous Operation Hour (1/4 load): –
  • Operating Noise Level (7m) dB(A): 72
  • Operating Noise Level (Lwa): 99.3
  • Dimension (L X W X H) mm: 973 x552 x 695
  • Dry Weight: 162.3 kg

Maxi 8 KVA E80K Generator Specifications

There are several reasons why you should consider purchasing a Maxi generator. From the durability to the portability and affordability of these generators. Everything about them seems to be attracting the attention of customers all over the country. You can use the E80K Maxi generator to power several pieces of equipment and home appliances such as air conditioners, TVs, refrigerators, and other items. Check out the specifications of the Maxi 8 KVA E80K generator below:

  • Power: 8.0 KW/10 KVA
  • Operate: Manuel and Keys
  • Coil: 100 % Copper
  • Battery: Yes Included
  • Noise Reduction: Yes
  • Tank: 25 Liters Fuel (9Hrs Full Load)
  • AVR Voltage Regulator: Yes
  • Portable: Yes
  • Engin Oil Alert: Yes
  • With Wheels: Yes
  • Gross weight (Kg): 105
  • Net weight (Kg): 99
  • Dimensions ( L x W x H ) (mm): 720 x 540 x 600
  • Warranty: 3 Months

Lutian 8.8 KVA LT10990 generator Specifications

One of the main selling points of this generator is that it comes with remote control. This means that you can switch it on without standing in front of the generator. It comes with several other exciting features including a float carburetor, built-in AVR, and overload protection. This generator is also equipped with handles and wheels to ensure easy movement. Here are the specifications of the Lutian 8.8 KVA LT10990 generator:

  • Model No.: LT10990E
  • Starting: Recoil/Electric/Remote Control
  • Starting Kva: 9.3kva Max
  • Running Kva: 8.8kva Rated
  • Ignition System: Transistor Magneto
  • Engine Type: OHV Air-cooled, 4-stroke, OHV, Single Cylinder
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 28.5L
  • Noise Level: 78dB