Toyota RAV4 2010 Prices in Tanzania

Popular in Tanzania because to its comfortable cabin and dependable performance, the Toyota RAV4 2010 is a compact crossover SUV. Family transportation and off-road excursions are only two of its many uses. Owning a RAV4 2010 in Tanzania is beneficial because of the vehicle’s adaptability and durability. Vehicles typically sell for between TZS 25 million … Read more

Price of Hisense Fridges in Tanzania

Tanzanians have their pick of Hisense’s many different refrigerator models and sizes. A Hisense refrigerator may cost anywhere from 600,000 Tanzanian shillings to as much as 5,000,000 shillings. Energy economy, durability, and cutting-edge technologies like frost-free chilling and multi-air flow systems are just a few of the reasons to choose a Hisense refrigerator. These refrigerators … Read more

60 KVA Generators & Prices in Tanzania

60 KVA Generators & Prices in Tanzania

One of the biggest challenges Tanzanians face today is that of power supply. Poor power supply has caused so many businesses to fold up. If you have huge power supply needs, it is important to find a sure solution to your problems. There are several ways to solve this problem including buying a generator with … Read more