Pregnacare Plus Price in Tanzania

With the internet advertising various types and classes of vitamins to use during pregnancy, it has been very difficult for women in this condition to know the safe ones and the best to use. No doubt, certain vitamins and mineral are good for pregnancy and it is essential to take some of these for the … Read more

Greenlife Product and Prices in Tanzania

Greenlife Product and Prices in Tanzania

Greenlife products have been on the market for a while. They are produced by a Chinese company known as China Greenlife Group. This company was established in 1988 and engages in the distribution of different herbal products. Greenlife products help in the treatment of different diseases. Some of these diseases include fibroid, pile, staphylococcus, hormone … Read more

Appeton Weight Gain Price in Tanzania

A lot of emphases have been placed on losing weight and the dangerous effects of obesity. Just like in this case, being too slim has also been associated with different health challenges. Very skinny ladies, for instance, usually have problems when to comes to menstruation, pregnancy, and even in some cases, infertility and osteoporosis. Apart … Read more

Dostinex Prices in Tanzania

Hormonal disorders are among the most disturbing issues reported in the medical world lately. Apart from the fact that the number of patients affected has drastically increased in Tanzania, the effects of this disorder have become issues that require urgent attention. Dostinex has been identified to be an effective drug that curbs this disorder. This … Read more

Cost of Pregnacare in Tanzania

Having a healthy diet and maintaining a balanced lifestyle is very important when trying to conceive and al through pregnancy. While there have been so many conception formulas and various types of vitamin combinations circulating over the internet, it is essential to select the ones that are credible and trusted. Pregnacare is one of the … Read more

Neurovit Forte Prices in Tanzania

Neurovit Forte is a supplement that is used for a number of purposes. This supplement contains several vitamins. It is mostly prescribed for neurological disorders even though it can be used for heart issues and vitamin B12 deficiency. How much is Neurovit Forte in Tanzania? We will answer this question in the next section of … Read more

Livolin Forte Prices in Tanzania

With the increase in reported cases of chronic liver diseases in Tanzanian hospitals today, many have opted for the use of nutritional supplements to curb the effect of the disease and reduce damages. One of the most common supplements to nullify the effect of liver diseases is the Livolin Forte. The drug is a hepatoprotective … Read more

Cocoa Prices in Tanzania

When it comes to the agricultural products with the biggest market in and outside Tanzania, be sure to mention among the top options on the list. While this agricultural product has significantly lost its international market value since oil was discovered in Tanzania, it remains one of the biggest rated export commodities in Tanzania and … Read more

Ulcer Kit Price in Tanzania

Ulsakit is gradually becoming one of the most sought after ulcer medicine in the medical world today. This drug is used to treat a wide range of Stomach and intestinal ulcers, which could include stomach infections, gastroesophageal reflux diseases, and many other related diseases. The medicine is also a perfect to curb vaginal infections, and … Read more