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Ashton and Price: The Tanzanian Law Firm That You Need to Know

If you’re looking for a reputable law firm in Tanzania, look no further than Ashton and Price. This leading legal company provides high-quality legal services to businesses and individuals alike, with particular expertise in commercial law, tax law, intellectual property rights, arbitration and dispute resolution.

Ashton and Price: The Tanzanian Law Firm That You Need to Know

Ashton and Price stands out from other firms due to its unique combination of local expertise with global experience. With an experienced team of highly skilled lawyers who have trained at some of the world’s leading universities, including Harvard Law School, this award-winning Tanzanian firm has earned a reputation as one of East Africa’s most respected legal specialists.

Here are some reasons why Ashton and Price should be your first port-of-call:

  • Expertise: As mentioned earlier, they offer a diverse range of specializations across different areas such as intellectual property rights, corporate law & governance.
  • Experience: Their focus on both domestic growth continuity & global expansion speaks – which means they have dealt with many types of cases ranging from Corporate M&A deal-making to High profile disputes between international bodies like World Bank ICSID or United Nations
  • Client-focused approach: They understand their clients’ needs,and prioritizes communication through accessibility so that achieving successful results can be easy & timely

How Ashton and Price can help you navigate the complicated field of Tanzanian law

Navigating the complex regulatory framework in Tanzania can be challenging at times – but it doesn’t have to be. That’s where the team at Ashton and Price comes into play, to better suit their client goals towards success. They advise entrepreneurs, fund managers/clusters, or even educational institutions on how best they can explore all opportunities set forth by governing authorities without breaching any regulations imposed within or outside jurisdiction.

Their significant experience handling cross-border transactions coupled up with their extensive knowledge of the Tanzanian regulatory system ensures that clients can trust in their ability to provide accurate and reliable advice.

Ashton and Price’s Expertise in Tanzanian Law

With an intricate understanding of Tanzanian law, Ashton and Price offer valuable insights and guidance to clients. Their services are essential for those looking to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of regulations in Tanzania. Some key areas they specialize in include:

  • Corporate Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Real Estate and Construction Law
  • Taxation
  • Employment Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Banking and Finance Law

Benefits of Working with Ashton and Price

By working with Ashton and Price, clients receive numerous benefits that make navigating the Tanzanian legal system more manageable:

  • Expert Advice: The team’s extensive knowledge and experience ensure clients receive comprehensive advice tailored to their specific needs.
  • Efficient Solutions: Ashton and Price work closely with clients to devise strategic solutions that can save them time and resources.
  • Transparent Communication: Clients are kept informed of progress and potential challenges every step of the way.
  • Strong Network: The firm’s established relationships with local and international partners help clients gain access to valuable resources and connections.

What to Expect When Working with Ashton and Price

The team at Ashton and Price is committed to providing a seamless experience for clients:

  1. Initial Consultation: A thorough assessment of the client’s needs and objectives is conducted.
  2. Strategy Development: The team devises a tailored plan of action to address the client’s legal concerns.
  3. Execution: Ashton and Price work diligently to implement the agreed-upon strategy and provide regular updates on progress.
  4. Results: The firm’s commitment to excellence ensures optimal results for clients, whether it’s successfully navigating regulatory hurdles or resolving disputes.

In conclusion, the team at Ashton and Price is dedicated to helping clients overcome the complexities of Tanzanian law, enabling them to capitalize on opportunities without running afoul of the regulatory framework. With their extensive knowledge and experience, clients can trust in Ashton and Price’s ability to provide accurate and reliable advice. So, whether you’re an entrepreneur, a fund manager, or an educational institution, consider working with Ashton and Price to navigate the Tanzanian legal system with confidence.

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The Importance of Local Knowledge

Tanzania has its own specific laws, customs, and cultural norms which are unique to this East African nation. As such, having a legal partner who understands these nuances is invaluable. At Ashton and Price they have an exhaustive understanding of Tanzania’s social, economic & political landscape-which makes it easier for them to navigate any potential landmines related to trade or cross-border activities.


Ashton and Price is one of Tanzania’s leading law firms with a proven track record in delivering top-tier legal services to businesses and individuals alike. Their team has the expertise, experience and local knowledge required to help you achieve your goals – whether you’re looking for assistance with intellectual property rights or need representation in complex commercial litigation cases .


What services does Ashton and Price offer as a Tanzanian law firm?
Answer: Ashton and Price offers a wide range of legal services in Tanzania, including but not limited to corporate commercial law, intellectual property law, employment and labor law, immigration law, environmental and natural resources law, dispute resolution (both litigation and arbitration), banking and finance law.

Is Ashton and Price considered one of the top-tier Tanzanian Law firms?
Answer: Yes. Ashton and Price is considered as one of the top-tier Tanzanian Law firms due to its depth of expertise across various disciplines, years of experience providing high-quality legal advice to clients worldwide, professionalism in handling complex matters with discretion while maintaining clients’ confidentiality.

How can I contact Ashton & Prince if I need their legal services or want more information about their offerings?
Answer: To contact Ashton & Prince for consulting regarding your business or for any general inquiries you may have please visit our website Or you may send an email directly at . Our team would be happy to assist you.