Prices of Virony Doors in Tanzania

Prices of Virony Doors in Tanzania

Virony doors are rated among the very best in the market today. When it comes to style, durability, design, quality and class in doors, it is hard to look beyond Virony doors. From the very moment they entered into the door manufacturing market, through the period they took the Tanzanian market by storm with their … Read more

Cost of Bathtubs in Tanzania

After a long busy day or a hot night, nothing usually feels better than a soothing soak in a bathtub. Apart from the fact that it makes you feel way more relaxed and eases the stress, relaxing in the tub also gives you the opportunity to stretch your legs and relax in a soothing soapy … Read more

1500L Water Tank Prices in Tanzania

Having a water storage tank is very important. Apart from the fact that this helps ensure constant running water, the tanks help safely preserve water and make water available when needed. These tanks also help seamless distribution of water to various channels. When it comes to storing water in Tanzania, 1500L water tanks are a … Read more

Types of Roofing Sheets in Tanzania & Their Prices

Roofing sheets are one of the most important materials required for a building project. Apart from the fact that they serve as a form of covering for the building, they also, in their own way, add elegance and beauty to the house. The importance of picking the right roofing sheets cannot be underestimated. It is … Read more

The Cost of Granite in Tanzania

Granite is regarded among the most useful building materials today. They are used for various purposes. Over time, they have been used in contrasting buildings, bridges, paving, monuments, and many other exterior projects. They also have their indoor uses; for instance, polished granite slabs and tiles are used in countertops, tile floors, stair steps and … Read more

Rain Water Collector Prices in Tanzania

In countries where pure or near-pure water is more like a luxury, people install rainwater collectors for the purpose of actually collecting rainwater for various uses. These uses include toilet flushing, home laundry, garden watering, vehicle washing, and other non-drinking purposes. Rainwater collection is also done due to other benefits such as reduction of groundwater … Read more

White Cement Price in Tanzania

White Cement Price in Tanzania

Also known as POP cement, white cement is used to produce white concrete for attractive and classy construction projects as well as building decorations. It was not previously widely used in Tanzania, but demand is increasing due to increased demand for POP ceilings, pillars, parapets, brightly colored concrete and mortars, and pre-cast panels. White cement … Read more