NeoLife Products Price List in Tanzania

NeoLife Products Price List in Tanzania

NeoLife is a company that focuses on the manufacture of healthy food supplements. The mission of this company is to make our world a happier and healthier place. This company was established in 1958 and now operates in more than 50 countries worldwide. Tanzania is one of these countries and you must have come across … Read more

Hoverboard Prices in Tanzania

Hoverboard Prices in Tanzania

Hoverboards are becoming more and more popular in Tanzania, despite that they just came into being about 5 years ago. Although the first set of hoverboards had some issues such as explosion and accuracy problems (which have been fixed now), the demand for these miniature personal transporters keeps booming all over the world. And Tanzania … Read more

LG 22 & 32-inch LED TV Prices in Tanzania

It is very easy to get lost in the world of television these days. The various types, brands and sizes available in the market today are so much that you can literarily get confused and frustrated. The advancement of technology has been wonderfully embraced, and with new models and types of televisions been released every … Read more

Cost of Trademark Registration in Tanzania

Cost of Trademark Registration in Tanzania

The cost of trademark registration in Tanzania can vary depending on several factors such as the type of trademark and the services provided by the trademark agent. As of my knowledge cut-off, a trademark application in Tanzania typically costs between TZS 1 million to TZS 2 million ($430 to $860 USD approximately). It’s always best … Read more

Plasma TV Prices in Tanzania

Buying a television in Tanzania used to be pretty easy. I mean, there were such a limited types and brands of TVs to choose from. People were only faced with the challenge of picking a particular size that’d serve them well enough. Today, thanks to technology and digital advancement, one can easily get blown away … Read more

Gas Cookers with Ovens & Prices in Tanzania

Gas cookers and ovens are arguably among the most essential appliances in a modern kitchen. While these two must-have appliances have each built a market of their own, the idea to have these two combined in a single appliance was a welcome improvement. Apart from the fact that combining the two appliances help manage space … Read more

PlayStation 5 Price in Tanzania

When you talk about gaming consoles, it is almost impossible to leave Sony out of the conversation. The company has not only established itself among the most rated gaming console companies in the world, but their gaming products have also cemented their place among the to-haves in the modern gaming world. The PlayStation, the most … Read more

Apple iPad Prices in Tanzania

Are you tired of using boring mobile tablets with not-so-impressive features and average display? Then it is time for you to switch to the latest and one of the most advanced mobile tablet in town – The Apple iPad. Apple has continuously maintained its standard for developing ground-breaking products in the tech industry. They have … Read more

Sound Prince Speakers Price in Tanzania

If you want a heavy-duty speaker that offers top sound quality, durability, efficiency and ease of use, then the Sound Price Speaker should be among the top brands on your list. There is one core reason Sound Prince sits at the top of the ladder in the heavy-duty sound market – its reliability and efficiency. … Read more