10 Cheapest MiFi Devices in Tanzania

10 Cheapest MiFi Devices in Tanzania

Having access to the internet has become one of the core necessities in the modern world today. While there are different means to connect our devices to the internet, the MiFi connectivity is seen as one of the cheapest and most effective ways to connect multiple devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets, to the internet … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 Price in Tanzania

When it comes to top-notch tablets, it is hard to look beyond Samsung. Although some few people still have reservations about how fragile their screens are, their tablets are still the pick of the market, grading among the most sought after in Tanzania today. When you talk about features, Samsung ranks highly among the very … Read more

Apple iPad Prices in Tanzania

Are you tired of using boring mobile tablets with not-so-impressive features and average display? Then it is time for you to switch to the latest and one of the most advanced mobile tablet in town – The Apple iPad. Apple has continuously maintained its standard for developing ground-breaking products in the tech industry. They have … Read more

Nokia 2 Prices in Tanzania + Specs & Review

It’s quite easy to know the category of Nokia’s phone range, as they don’t come with confusing names. The higher the number, the better the specs it has. Based on this, it’s easy to tell that the Nokia 2 wasn’t designed to be a high-end phone but an entry-level smartphone with an affordable price tag. … Read more

Nokia 4.2 Price in Tanzania, Specs & Review

Like Samsung, Nokia has decided to focus more on the mid-range smartphone market in recent months. The evergreen brand has launched into the mid-range smartphones, releasing some scintillating smartphones. This post introduces one of their top mid-range phones released this year – The Nokia 4.2. here, we will consider the smartphone’s specifications and how much … Read more

Nokia 1 Price in Tanzania, Specs & Review

Nokia launched one of their most anticipated mid-range smartphones early this year. While the smartphone does not rate among the brand’s top masterpieces of all time, the Nokia 1 surely stands among their finest in the mid-range so far in 2019. Nokia 1: A Budget-Friendly Smartphone in Tanzania Nokia, a brand known for its quality … Read more

Nokia 3.2 Price in Tanzania, Specs & Review

Nokia remains a heavyweight in the smartphone market to date. While the brand has been mostly associated with ancient phones, they have released more modern smartphones in recent times and can now boldly rate among the very best again. One of their latest addition to their modern mid-range collect is the recently launched Nokia 3.2. … Read more

Phone Accessories Business in Tanzania & Starting Costs

Phone Accessories Business in Tanzania & Starting Costs

Starting a phone accessories business in Tanzania can cost anywhere from TZS 500,000 to TZS 5,000,000 or more, depending on the scale and type of products you plan to sell. Some of the major expenses include purchasing inventory, renting a storefront, marketing and advertising, and paying for licenses and permits. You may also need to … Read more