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Digital Camera Prices in Tanzania

Want to buy a top-notch digital camera in Tanzania? You have a large pricing range to work with, from a few hundred thousand to several million Tanzanian shillings. Canon, Nikon, Sony, and Fujifilm are all well-known manufacturers that provide a wide range of options for consumers.

Anyone interested in taking professional-level photos and movies should consider purchasing a digital camera. A digital camera has several advantages, whether you’re a professional photographer or just like shooting images for fun. Zoom, image stabilization, and manual controls are just some of the many features on these cameras that make it easy to take stunning stills and videos.

Digital cameras, other from producing high-quality photos, can serve a number of other purposes. They work well for documenting precious moments with loved ones, shooting stunning landscapes, and even making videos on social media. Modern cameras often have the option to shoot in RAW format, which gives the user a lot of options for editing after the fact.

You should think about your demands and budget before making a final decision on a digital camera. Cameras designed for novices are called “entry-level,” while more sophisticated ones are aimed at experts and provide a wide variety of functions. You can discover a high-quality digital camera that works for your requirements and helps you take stunning photographs for years to come at a price that fits your budget, regardless of the brand, model, or features you’re looking for.

Restoring those rare moments in one’s life is one of the most beautiful things in life. The wonderful memories of childhood, meeting up with old friends, graduation ceremonies, taking a tour around the world, wedding ceremonies and other memorable moments are special for everyone. All these moments can be captured with just a simple single click of soft pads or buttons and can be stored for a lifetime.

The beauty of cameras has been appreciated over the years. They are a powerful tool that triggers lifetime memories and aid in capturing wonderful moments with friends, families and well-wishers. While various types of cameras have been developed over the years, the digital camera remains the most widely used. A digital camera captures photographs or videos by recording videos or still images on a sensor. Some digital cameras also record sounds with images and videos.

Digital cameras are available in different types and vary in properties and features. The most recent digital cameras include high-tech features such as Bluetooth connectivity and other modes that allow you to connect the camera to external devices such as printers and computers. Some other digital cameras are internet enabled. This means you can also surf the internet, stream videos online, watch YouTube Videos and upload captured images or videos directly on social media. Digital cameras vary in picture and video qualities which has to do mainly with the pixels of the cameras. Also, some digital cameras have extra features that let users add filters to photos and videos.

The rate at which digital cameras have evolved over the years has been mouth-watering. Gone are the days when there were only big digital cameras. These days, digital cameras are small and compact. In fact, they are now available in different sizes and categories including bridge cameras, ultra-compact cameras, digital lenses, digital SLRs and lots more. You can even keep them inside your pocket and take them with you everywhere you go.

Tanzanians love style and convenience. It is easy to see why the digital camera market has grown more recently than any other type of camera. The digital camera has become fans’ favourite thanks to their sleek design, ease of use and convenient mobility.

In this post, we will take a look at popular digital camera brands and how much each type goes for in the market. We will also consider some basic factors to put in mind when buying one.

Prices of Digital Cameras in Tanzania

Digital cameras have ruled the market for all good reasons. The fact that they are compact and easy to carry from one place to another makes them fans favourite. To date, they remain the most bought cameras in the country.

There are various types and classes of digital cameras. They vary in sizes, qualities, features, functionality and prices. The success of these cameras in the market motivates manufacturers to manufacture more, with each product looking to better the previous. Digital cameras vary in price. The prices are largely determined by the brand, quality, functionality and features. These cameras also vary in picture quality and memory capacity.

Digital cameras can be gotten directly from various manufacturers or local distributors across the country. They are readily available and can be gotten in gadget stores all over the country. For convenience, digital cameras can also be easily purchased online with lots of e-commerce websites boasting of a whole different type of camera.

Here, we will consider the prices of the most popular digital cameras in Tanzania today.

Canon Digital Cameras & Prices in Tanzania

  • IXUS 175 Digital Camera: TSh224,700 – TSh327,420
  • IXUS 180 Digital Camera: TSh486,315 – TSh535,000
  • IXUS 285 Digital Camera: TSh432,280 – TSh1,026,665
  • LEGRIA Digital Camera: TSh818,550 – TSh1,255,110
  • Powershot SX503 Digital Camera: TSh909,500 – TSh1,091,400
  • Powershot A810 Digital Camera: TSh1,582,530 – TSh1,909,950
  • Powershot G5 Digital Camera: TSh1,200,540 – TSh1,337,500
  • EOS 800D Digital Camera: TSh1,909,950 – TSh3,782,450
  • EOS 6D Digital Camera: TSh4,474,740 – TSh8,186, 000
  • EOS 700D Digital Camera: TSh1,296,840 – TSh2,140,000
  • EOS 80D Digital Camera: TSh2,863,855 – TSh4,052,625
  • EOS 5D Mark III Digital Camera: TSh7,025, 000 – TSh8,646, 000
  • EOS C300 Mark II Digital Camera: TSh24,557, 000 – TSh36,380, 000
  • EOS 200D Digital Camera: TSh1,909,950 – TSh2,675,000
  • EOS 750D Digital Camera: TSh2,033,000 – TSh3,001,350
  • EOS M100 (Mirrorless) With Wifi: TSh1,418,820 – TSh1,909,950
  • EOS 760D Digital Camera: TSh2,247,000 – TSh2,675,000
  • EOS 800D Digital Camera: TSh2,537,505 – TSh4,365,600
  • EOS 70D Digital Camera: TSh1,909,950 – TSh3,001,350
  • DSLR Digital Camera 1100D: TSh829,464 – TSh1,227,825
  • 5D Digital Camera: TSh9,457, 000 – TSh12,429, 000

Nikon Digital Cameras & Prices in Tanzania

  • CoolPix A100 Digital Camera: TSh327,420 – TSh486,315
  • CoolPix L340 Digital Camera: TSh648,420 – TSh818,550
  • CoolPix B700 Digital Camera: TSh1,337,500 – TSh1,979,500
  • CoolPix P900 Digital Camera: TSh1,255,110 –TSh2,033,000
  • CoolPix 52900 Digital Camera: TSh1,091,400 – TSh1,337,500
  • CoolPix B700 Digital Camera: TSh1,337,500 – TSh1,979,500
  • CoolPix W100 Digital Camera: TSh347,750 – TSh432,280
  • CoolPix S800C Digital Camera: TSh409,275 – TSh486,315
  • CoolPix B500 Digital Camera: TSh972,630 – TSh1,134,735
  • CoolPix L340 Digital Camera: TSh588,500 – TSh818,550
  • D750 SRL Digital Camera: TSh4,809,115 – TSh8,293, 000
  • D610 Digital Camera: TSh3,492,480 – TSh3,782,450
  • D500 Digital Camera: TSh4,052,625 – TSh6,485, 000
  • D5300 Digital Camera: TSh1,337,500 – TSh1,979,500
  • D5300 HDSLR Digital Camera: TSh1,909,950 – TSh2,675,000
  • D5600 Digital Camera: TSh205,333 – TSh3,055,920
  • D810 DSLR Digital Camera: TSh6,485, 000 – TSh13,370, 000
  • D5200 Digital Camera: TSh1,255,110 – TSh2,033,000

Sony Digital Cameras & Prices in Tanzania

  • Cybershot W800 Digital Camera: TSh335,017 – TSh561,750
  • Cybershot H300 Digital Camera: TSh818,550 – TSh1,091,400
  • Cybershot TX20 Digital Camera: TSh648,420 –TSh818,550
  • Cybershot W810 Digital Camera: TSh327,420 – TSh709,410
  • Cybershot RX100 III Digital Camera: TSh1,669,200 – TSh1,909,950
  • Cybershot HX90V Digital Camera: TSh1,380,300 – TSh1,637,100
  • HDR CX405 Digital Camera: TSh837,543 – TSh1,091,400
  • Cybershot W710 Digital Camera: TSh378,245 – TSh463,845
  • Cybershot W830 Digital Camera: TSh534,786 – TSh884,034
  • NEX-3N Digital Camera: TSh756,490 – TSh837,543
  • DSCW170 Digital Camera: TSh300,135 – TSh378,245

Panasonic Digital Cameras & Prices in Tanzania

  • Lumix DMC LZ40 Digital Camera: TSh432,280 – TSh648,420
  • Lumix DMC GH5 Digital Camera: TSh5,296,500 – TSh7,025, 000
  • Lumix DMC TZ90 Digital Camera: TSh862,206 – TSh1,091,400
  • FZ70 Semi-Pro Camera: TSh709,410 – TSh1,296,840
  • HDC MDH1GC Full HD Video Camera: TSh2,407,500 – TSh2,675,000
  • HC-X1000 4K UHD Camcorder: TSh5,082,500 – TSh7,025, 000

Samsung Digital Cameras & Prices in Tanzania

  • MV800 Multiview Digital Camera: TSh409,275 – TSh535,000
  • ST95 Digital Camera: TSh383,649 – TSh535,000
  • SH100 Digital Camera: TSh378,245 – TSh432,280

Polaroid Digital Cameras & Prices in Tanzania

  • Polaroid IE 153W Digital Camera: TSh535,000 – TSh648,420
  • Polaroid IS 2132 Digital Camera: TSh551,050 – TSh709,410

Olympus Digital Cameras & Prices in Tanzania

  • TG-5 (12MP) Digital Camera: TSh891,578 – TSh1,026,665
  • D-750 (16MP) Digital Camera: TSh283,550 – TSh327,420
  • VR370 Digital Camera: TSh409,275 – TSh480,912

Fujifilm Digital Cameras & Prices in Tanzania

  • FinePix S4600 Digital Camera: TSh621,403 – TSh709,410
  • FinePix S4800 Digital Camera: TSh535,000 – TSh648,420
  • FinePix S2980 Digital Camera: TSh480,216 – TSh535,000
  • Instax 300 Digital Camera: TSh327,420 – TSh432,280
  • Instax 90 Neo Digital Camera: TSh299,600 – TSh409,275
  • Instax SQ10 Digital Camera: TSh535,000 – TSh648,420
  • X-T2 Digital Camera: TSh3,165,060 – TSh3,512,275
  • X100F Digital Camera: TSh2,033,000 – TSh3,350,170