Elder Price: The Hit Musical Comes to Tanzania

Elder Price: The Hit Musical Comes to Tanzania


Elder Price is a hit musical that has taken the world by storm. The show, which follows two young Mormon missionaries as they are sent to Uganda on a mission trip, has been praised for its hilarious comedy and heartwarming storyline. Now, the show is coming to Tanzania, much to the delight of local theatergoers.

About Elder Price

Elder Price tells the story of two young Mormon missionaries who are sent on a mission trip to Uganda in an effort to convert locals to their faith. The show is filled with over-the-top performances and satire that poke fun at religion, while still maintaining a sense of respect for those who practice it.

The production team behind Elder Price includes some of Broadway’s biggest names. Trey Parker and Matt Stone famously created South Park and later teamed up with Robert Lopez (whose credits include Avenue Q) to create this wonderfully irreverent musical with infectious songs such as “Hello!” or “Hasa Diga Eebowai”.

Why It’s A Must-See Show

Elder Price appeals not only because it is hilariously funny but also because it speaks about deeply-held beliefs held by many Tanzanians. In fact, Africa is now one of the fastest-growing areas when it comes religious conversions particularly into Christianity religions like Mormonism which gained attention among Africans in recent years due thanks partly through acts such as celebrity visits from Disney’s “The Lion King” cast in Kenya where several were converted after visiting temples housed there.

More so than most productions out today or other adaptations of movies turned into musicals like “Mean Girls” or “Waitress,” this performance comfortably strikes more common chords within African societies given similarities between Western Mormons family values teachings known here.

For Tanzanian audiences looking for thought-provoking theater that doesn’t take itself too seriously – look no further than Elder Price!

When and Where to See Elder Price in Tanzania

Elder Price will be showing in Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar City, Dodoma, Mwanza and Arusha starting next month. This means Tanzanian audiences won’t have to travel far to see this must-see show!

Here is a list of the dates and locations:

  • Dar es Salaam: National Stadium, August 7th – August 12th
  • Zanzibar City: Forodhani Gardens Amphitheatre, August 15th – August 18th
  • Dodoma: CCM Kirumba Stadium Grounds, August 21st – August 22nd
  • Mwanza: Nyamagana Stadium Grounds, August 25th –August 28th
  • Arusha: Sheikh Amri Abeid Memorial Stadium grounds September3rd – September6

How to Get Tickets

Tickets for Elder Price can be purchased online or at local ticket vendors. While there are no official prices yet announced by the organizers , expect people clamoring for tickets as online buzz has been immense.

For those interested in experiencing something truly memorable this summer season with socially distancing measures being observed , try not missing a performance of Elder Price while it’s still playing on Tanzanian stages!


Elder Price is one of the most entertaining musical productions out today that will undoubtedly cause waves within Tanzania. With its humor relating so well to societal norms found here coupled with high-energy performances make sure not miss catching “The best musical Broadway I’ve seen years ago,” now brought closer you here in Africa coming soon across various stages throughout Tanzania.”


What is Elder Price: The Hit Musical?

Answer: Elder Price: The Hit Musical is a Broadway-style musical comedy that follows the story of two young Mormon missionaries, Elder Price and Elder Cunningham, as they are sent to a small village in Uganda to spread their faith.

    Is this show appropriate for all ages?

    Answer: Yes, Elder Price: The Hit Musical is suitable for all ages. However, some parental guidance may be necessary as the show does contain some mild language and themes.

      Where can I buy tickets to see the show?

      Answer: Tickets for Elder Price: The Hit Musical can be purchased online through various ticketing platforms or at the theater box office on show nights. We recommend buying your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment as shows tend to sell out quickly.

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