Exxon Gas Prices: Tracking the Cost of Fuel in Tanzania

Exxon Gas Prices: Tracking the Cost of Fuel in Tanzania

Exxon Mobil Corporation is a multinational oil and gas company that operates in over 70 countries worldwide, including Tanzania. The cost of fuel in Tanzania fluctuates due to various factors such as exchange rates, taxes, and global market trends. In this article, we will explore Exxon gas prices in Tanzania and provide insights on how to track the cost of fuel.

Understanding the Cost of Fuel

The price of fuel is determined by several factors such as crude oil prices, refining costs, distribution expenses, taxes, and government policies. These factors can vary from country to country and even within regions of the same country. It’s important for consumers to understand these factors so they can make informed decisions about their fuel purchases.

Factors Affecting Exxon Gas Prices in Tanzania

In Tanzania, Exxon operates under its subsidiary Esso East Africa Inc., where it sells petroleum products such as gasoline (petrol), diesel, and kerosene at its branded retail stations across the country. Like other petroleum companies operating in Tanzania, Exxon’s prices are affected by several factors such as:

  • Crude Oil Prices: The price of crude oil on international markets affects the cost of imported fuels like gasoline and diesel sold by companies like Exxon.
  • Exchange Rates: The value of Tanzanian shillings against major currencies like US dollars also affects the cost of imported fuels since most transactions occur using foreign currency.
  • Taxes: The Tanazanian government imposes various taxes on petroleum products that add up to their overall costs.
  • Transportation Costs: Transporting products from terminals or refineries adds additional expenses that eventually affect retail prices.

How to Track Gasoline Prices?

Tracking gasoline prices is essential when planning a budget or monitoring the weekly changes in petrol prices at your local station. Here are some tips on how you can track gasoline prices:

Use Online Platforms and Mobile Applications

Several online platforms and mobile applications are available that provide up-to-date information on gasoline prices in Tanzania. These include:

  • Energy Regulation Board (ERB) Website: The ERB website provides daily updates on fuel prices in Tanzania.
  • PetroTrack App: PetroTrack is a mobile application that allows users to view the average petrol station pump price of diesel, petrol, and kerosene across different regions of Tanzania.
  • Fuel Price Reports by GlobalPetrolPrices.com: GlobalPetrolPrices.com provides weekly gas price reports in Tanzanian shillings based on data collected from 99 petrol stations.

Compare Fuel Prices Across Stations

Comparing fuel prices at different stations is an effective way to save money on your gas purchases. To compare fuel prices across stations:

  • Use online platforms like Zabuni, which helps consumers find the cheapest gas deals in their vicinity.
  • Check fuel prices regularly through social media or sign-up for alerts from specific oil marketing companies or services.


The cost of fuel remains an important factor for anyone who owns a car or operates any machinery using petroleum products. Exxon gas prices can fluctuate due to several factors, but it’s possible to track these changes using various sources outlined above. By being informed about the cost of gasoline, you can make better decisions when filling up your tank while saving money in the process.

Disclaimer: While we strive to keep this information accurate and up-to-date as much as possible, please note that changes happen often within our economy which may affect pricing levels.


What factors affect Exxon gas prices in Tanzania?
Answer: The cost of Exxon gas in Tanzania is affected by several factors, including crude oil prices, global supply and demand trends, local taxes, transportation costs, and exchange rates.

How often do Exxon gas prices change in Tanzania?
Answer: The price of Exxon gas tends to fluctuate regularly due to fluctuations in the global oil market. Changes may occur multiple times a week or even daily depending on market conditions.

Are there any ways to save money on Exxon gas purchases in Tanzania?
Answer: There are some strategies that can help you save money on gasoline purchases at an Exxon station. These include using credit cards with cashback or rewards programs for fuel purchases, tracking local fuel deals through mobile apps, driving more efficiently by avoiding excessive acceleration or idling time, and maintaining your vehicle’s proper tire pressure and engine tune-up.

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