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Fireproof Safe Prices in Tanzania

Having fireproof safes in homes and offices have become very important in recent times. Although a safe deposit box at a bank remains the safest solution when it comes to storing important documents, there are also very critical documents or items one would prefer to store homes or offices. Fireproof safes have proven over time to be a great solution to store these important items to averse the risk of theft or/and damages as a result of fire incidents.

Here, we will take a look at different types of fireproof safes and how much they go for in Tanzania today. Let’s get started.

Fireproof safe prices in Tanzania

Fireproof safes come in different types, classes, and ranges. They also significantly vary in sizes, capacity, and prices. This section takes a look at the prices of the common fireproof safes in Tanzania today.

Gubabi fireproof safes

Gubabi Fireproof Safes are regarded among the very best in Tanzania today. Apart from the fact that the rand has established itself as the leading safe company in the country, they are also among the most sought after in the market. Their safes come in different types, ranges and fire rating. Here are their popular models and how much they go for.

  • Gubabi Fireproof safe model 101 – TSh436,560 – TSh486,315
  • Gubabi Fireproof safe model SD 102T – TSh486,315 – TSh540,350
  • Gubabi Fireproof safe model SD 103 – TSh611,184 – TSh642,000
  • Gubabi Fireproof safe Analog model SD 103 – TSh508,250 – TSh642,000
  • Gubabi Fireproof Electronic and Digital safe ESD 101 – TSh668,750 – TSh763,980
  • Gubabi Fireproof Manual safe GB 104 – TSh1,909,950 – TSh2,182,800
  • Gubabi Fireproof Digital safe GB 104A – TSh1,458,945 – TSh1,729,120
  • Gubabi Fireproof Manual safe GB 105 – TSh1,926,000 – TSh2,182,800
  • Gubabi Digital Fireproof Safe DSF680-3EA – TSh2,701,750 – TSh3,745,000
  • Gubabi Analog Fire Proof Filing Safe – DSF680-4 – TSh3,512,275 – TSh3,745,000
  • Gubabi Gubabi Analog Fireproof Filing Safe – DSF680-3 – TSh2,701,750 – TSh2,942,500
  • Gubabi Electronic And Digital Fireproof Safe EDS 108 – N1.35 Million – TSh80,700,000
  • Gubabi Electronic And Digital Fireproof Safe EDS 107 – N1.4 Million – TSh80,700,000
  • Gubabi Electronic And Digital Fireproof Safe SD 109 – N1.15 Million – TSh71,338,800

Ultimate fireproof safes

Ultimate fireproof safe is another popular brand in the fireproof market in Tanzania. Here are some of their common products available in Tanzania today.

  • Ultimate SD-109 Fireproof Safe – TSh2,568,000 – TSh2,782,000
  • Ultimate ESD 102 Fireproof Safe – TSh1,080,700 – TSh1,350,875
  • Ultimate ESD-103T Fireproof Safe – TSh1,145,970 – TSh1,350,875
  • Ultimate ESD 105 Fireproof Safe – TSh1,882,665 – TSh2,073,660
  • Ultimate SD 104 Fireproof Safe – TSh1,551,500 – TSh1,800,810
  • Ultimate SD 108 Fireproof Safe – TSh2,439,279 – TSh2,568,000
  • Ultimate ESD 106 Fireproof Safe – TSh2,073,660 – TSh2,182,800
  • Ultimate ESD 104A Fireproof Safe – TSh2,128,230 – TSh2,377,540
  • Ultimate DS 100 Fireproof Safe – TSh2,128,230 – TSh2,247,000
  • Ultimate 2-Drawer Fireproof Cabinet – Digital Lock – TSh2,323,505 – TSh2,620,698
  • Ultimate 3-Drawer Fireproof Cabinet – Digital Lock – TSh2,648,250 – TSh2,782,000
  • Ultimate 4-Drawer Fireproof Cabinet – Combination Lock – TSh3,049,500 – TSh3,242,100

Global fireproof safes

This is another safe brand that has proven to be among the best in Tanzania. Here are the prices of their common and in-demand fireproof safes in Tanzania.

  • Global Fireproof Safe D880 (Combination Lock) – TSh2,062,746 – TSh2,182,800
  • Global Fireproof Safe T1000 – TSh1,937,235 – TSh2,182,800
  • Global Fireproof Safe T610 – TSh1,417,750 – TSh1,637,100
  • Global Fireproof Safe T880 – TSh1,702,103 – TSh1,909,950
  • Global Fireproof Safe T360 – TSh1,118,685 – TSh1,350,875
  • Global Fireproof Safe T310 – TSh963,000 – TSh1,200,540
  • Global Fireproof Safe T750 – TSh1,909,950 – TSh2,182,800
  • Global Fireproof Safe D670 – TSh1,458,945 – TSh1,637,100
  • Global Fireproof Safe D500 (Combination Lock) – TSh1,021,262 – TSh1,080,700
  • Global 3-Drawer Fireproof Cabinet (Combination Lock) – TSh2,717,800 – TSh2,942,500
  • Global 4-Drawer Fireproof Cabinet (Combination Lock) – TSh3,049,500 – TSh3,242,100

VALBERG fireproof safes

  • VALBERG Digital Fireproof Safe FRS30 – TSh1,047,744 – TSh1,200,540
  • VALBERG Digital Fireproof Safe FRS133 – TSh2,247,000 – TSh2,455,650
  • VALBERG Digital Fireproof Safe FRS49 – TSh1,230,500 – TSh1,391,000
  • VALBERG Fireproof Safe FRS170 – TSh4,199,750 – TSh4,280,000
  • VALBERG Fireproof Safe FRS75 – TSh1,391,000 – TSh1,637,100
  • VALBERG Fireproof Safe FRS67 – TSh1,364,250 – TSh1,637,100
  • VALBERG Fireproof Safe FRS120 – TSh2,215,542 – TSh2,455,650

Things to consider before buying a fireproof safe

There are different types of fireproof safes in the country today and it has only made it more difficult to select a type to buy. Knowing the basic features to look out for though, makes it considerably easier to limit your options to a substantial numeral and pick the best for you. Here are some of the vital factors to consider when buying a fireproof safe.

  • Consider the Size – This is one of the first factors to consider when buying a fireproof safe. If you are looking to store documents in the safe, it is advisable to gather all the documents you are looking to store and see how big they are. This can then advise your decision about the size you should go for. You should also have it in mind that the bigger the safe, the more expensive.
  • Consider What You Will Be Storing In the Safe – Fireproof safes come in different ratings. They are usually rated based on how they keep the interior cool when the outside is exposed to fire. You should look to get one whose rating is not more than 350 degrees on the inside if you are looking to store documents in the safe. If you are looking to store tape recordings and DVDs, look at one with a maximum of 125 degrees.

Other factors to consider include;

  • Consider the waterproof level
  • Consider your budget
  • Consider the fire rating.