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How Much Does It Cost to Watch Football in Tanzania?

How Much Does It Cost to Watch Football in Tanzania?

If you’re a football fan living in Tanzania, you may be wondering how much it costs to watch your favorite sport. The good news is that there are various options available, from live matches at the stadium to streaming services and cable TV subscriptions. In this article, we’ll explore the different ways of watching football in Tanzania and their associated costs.

Local Stadium Matches

One of the most popular ways of watching football in Tanzania is by attending live matches at local stadiums. There are various teams such as Simba SC, Young Africans (Yanga), Azam FC, among others with passionate fans who fill up stadiums on match days. The cost of admission varies depending on the popularity of the team and level of competition i.e domestic vs international games:

  • For local/domestic league matches: Tickets for Tanzanian Premier League games start from about 5,000 TSH ($2 USD) and can go up to 50,000 TSH ($22 USD) for VIP seats.
  • For International/CAF Confederation/African Champions League tournaments: Ticket prices fluctuate based on demand but generally range between 20,000 – 40,000 TZS ($9-17 USD).

It’s worth noting that ticket scalping is common around major sporting events throughout Africa so always ensure you purchase yours through official channels or reputable online marketplaces like Jumia Travel or ZoomTanzania.

Streaming Services

In recent years there has been an increase in streaming services offering access to live football matches over wifi or mobile internet connections using smartphones or smart TVs across East Africa including Tanzania. One such platform is DSTV Now by Multichoice which offers exclusive coverage rights for many top leagues around the world including English Premier League(EPL), UEFA Champions League ,Spanish La Liga Serie A Italiana…etc Their packages include;

  • DSTV Compact Plus; offering over 130 channels for a monthly fee of 75,000 TZS ($32 USD).
  • DSTV Premium; offering over 150 channels for a monthly fee of 135,000 TZS($58 USD).

You can use good internet providers such as Vodacom,Tigo,Airtel to stream without buffering.

Cable TV Subscriptions

Cable TV subscriptions are another option for watching football in Tanzania. One of the most popular service providers is AzamTV which offers access to numerous international and local channels including live streaming options some matches. They have different packages available depending on your preferences:

  • Azam Pure Sports: offering only sports channels with many live local games at about TSH 23,000 ($10) per month.
  • Bouquet Plus Package: access to many other more general entertainment and news channels plus sport at about TSH42,000 ( $18) per month.


So there you have it – the costs associated with watching football in Tanzania through various means. Whatever method you choose be sure to shop around and compare prices from multiple vendors before committing. Whether you prefer experiencing the game up close and personal by catching live action at stadiums or prefer viewing all your content online via a streaming service there’s an option that will fit your budget.

Always remember that prices may fluctuate due to demand/supply factors or even time of day so it’s worth checking if any promotions/ deals are on offer before making final decisions. With this information, we hope you can make informed decisions about how best to watch football in Tanzania while sticking within your budget.


Prices quoted based on averages calculated February-March2021 – Check directly with suppliers before purchasing!


1) How much does it cost to attend a local football match in Tanzania?
Answer: The cost of attending a local football match in Tanzania varies depending on the stadium and the team playing. Generally, tickets can range from 2,000-20,000 Tanzanian shillings (equivalent to approximately $0.86-$8.61 USD).

2) What is the cost of watching international football matches in Tanzania?
Answer: Watching international football matches in Tanzania typically requires subscription to cable or satellite TV services that offer sports channels airing these games. Popular providers such as DSTV charge between 36,500-117,500 Tanzanian shillings per month (equivalent to approximately $15.73-$50.64 USD), depending on the package selected.

3) Are there additional costs associated with attending high-profile football matches in Tanzania?
Answer: Yes, for high-profile matches such as those featuring national teams or popular club teams like Simba SC and Young Africans FC, ticket prices may be significantly higher than average and sell out quickly. There may also be additional fees for transportation to/from the stadium and food/drink purchases at the venue during these events.