Commercial Bread Making Machine Prices in Tanzania

Bread is a very common food in Tanzania and other parts of the world. Some people cannot go a day without eating bread. Interestingly, there are different kinds of bread. From whole loaf bread to sliced bread, from chapatti bread to bread rolls, it all depends on what you want. To make bread commercially, you … Read more

Best Selling Snacks in Tanzania & Prices

Best Selling Snacks in Tanzania & Prices

Snacks are smaller foods that aren’t eaten during our regular meal times. When you look at food in this light, then several foods fall under this category. What most people consider as snacks are foods that are commercially manufactured and packaged by large industries. Interestingly, many Tanzanians are jumping off this bandwagon to locally-produced foods … Read more

Provisions List & Prices in Tanzania

Almost every home in Tanzania spends some part of its monthly income on purchasing provisions. Provisions are also known as groceries and they are a major part of our monthly budgets. When you view them as groceries, you will agree that so many items fall under this category. In Tanzania, there is a wide variety … Read more