How to Start a Sportsbook Business in Tanzania

How to Start a Sportsbook Business in Tanzania

Sports betting is becoming increasingly popular in Tanzania, and starting a sportsbook business can be a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs. However, it is important to understand the legal framework and regulations surrounding sports betting in Tanzania before embarking on this venture.

The Tanzanian government regulates all forms of gambling, including sports betting. To start a sportsbook business in Tanzania, you must obtain the necessary licenses from the Gaming Board of Tanzania (GBT). The GBT is responsible for regulating all gambling activities and issuing licenses to operators who meet their requirements.

To obtain a license from GBT, you will need to submit an application detailing your proposed business model along with other relevant documents such as proof of financial stability and ownership details. You should also familiarize yourself with Tanzanian laws pertaining to online gambling which have been recently revised by authorities governing gambling activities within country borders.

Market Research

Before launching your sportsbook business, it’s essential to conduct market research about the industry landscape in Tanzania. This includes analyzing competitor offerings and identifying potential gaps that your business can fill. Some key factors that you’ll want to consider when conducting market research include:

  • The popularity of different types of sports
  • Betting preferences among local customers
  • Average bets placed per customer
  • Preferred payment methods

By gathering this information, you can optimize your marketing strategies according to local demographics better.

Setting Up Your Business

Once you’ve obtained licensing approvals from GBT and have conducted thorough market research analysis; at this point setting up shop becomes easier because setting up physical stores comes with extra expenses these days we recommend utilizing Online platforms like websites or mobile applications where users can easily place bets without leaving their homes or offices.

An online platform provides multiple advantages compared to physical stores such as reduced overhead costs while reaching more customers simultaneously. Additionally, investing heavily into implementing mobile payments would make funds transfer easy between customers and the bookmakers.


Marketing is an essential aspect of running any business, including sportsbook. In Tanzania, the primary ways to market your business include social media advertising, radio and TV commercials that can be streamed online over the internet.

It would not only help in creating brand awareness but also increase engagement with potential customers as more Tanzanians are going digital every day. Utilizing content marketing strategies such as publishing blog posts on popular sports events or players would make it easier for new users to find relevant information about key topics while being attracted to joining companies they feel passionate about.

In conclusion, starting a sportsbook business in Tanzania requires careful planning and execution. It’s important to follow legal regulations while conducting comprehensive market research analysis before setting up your shop. By utilizing online platforms and strategic marketing tactics; you have better chances of reaching out to millions of Tanzanian gamblers who want nothing more than trusted betting services within their homeland borders without having to worry about scams or fraud courses like online phishing.


What are the legal requirements to start a sportsbook business in Tanzania?
Answer: To start a sportsbook business in Tanzania, you must have a registered company and obtain a gambling license from the Gaming Board of Tanzania (GBT) as per the Gambling Act 2003.

How much capital do I need to start a sportsbook business in Tanzania?
Answer: The amount of capital required to start a sportsbook business in Tanzania depends on various factors such as location, equipment, marketing expenses, and other operational costs. However, typically, it is recommended to have at least TZS 50 million ($22k) for starting the Sports Betting Business while for iGaming operation you may require upwards of $100K.

How can I differentiate my sportsbook business from my competitors in Tanzania?
Answer: You can differentiate your sportsbook business by offering unique services such as live streaming options or providing special loyalty programs that offer bonuses or promotions to your customers. Additionally ensuring an awesome User Experience through Design thinking approach will make all the more difference compared to competitors who serve mediocre UX experience with too many Ads popping up everywhere especially mobile devices where Tanzanian majority consume content on daily basis.

Note: Co-authored by Mukesh Joshi – Digital Marketer @GammaStack

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