Hummer Bike Price in Tanzania: How Much Does It Cost?

Hummer Bike Price in Tanzania: How Much Does It Cost?

If you’re a fan of bikes and are looking for something unique, the Hummer bike might be just what you need. With its rugged look and powerful engine, this bike is sure to turn heads on the road. However, before making any purchase decision, it’s important to consider the price.

What is a Hummer Bike?

The Hummer bike is a brand of cruiser bikes manufactured by Minnesota-based company, AMS Motorcycles. The bike was modeled after the military-grade all-terrain vehicle (ATV) known as the “Humvee”.

Features of a Hummer Bike

Here are some features that make the Hummer bike stand out:
– Rugged design: The bike has an aggressive and bold appearance with oversized tires and sturdy frame.
– Powerful engine: It comes equipped with a powerful 6-cylinder fuel-injected engine that produces up to 350 horsepower.
– Smooth ride: Despite its size and power, the suspension system allows for comfortable riding experience over rough terrain.

How Much Does it Cost in Tanzania?

The cost of owning a hummer bike varies depending on several factors such as location (dealer), condition (new or pre-owned), taxes/duties/import fees, etc.

On average, new models can cost anywhere between TSH 50 million ($22k) to TSH 100 million ($44k). Prices may also vary depending on whether one chooses to import or purchase locally from authorized dealerships.

It’s always advisable to shop around for deals since prices can differ significantly from dealer-to-dealer. One could also opt for used/pre-owned models which could be cheaper than new ones but may require more maintenance costs over time.

In conclusion,the overall pricing complexity makes it advisable for prospective buyers to do enough research before making purchasing decisions especially if they want good value for their money


The Hummer bike is a well-crafted, powerful machine that’s designed to make an impression on the road. However, before making a purchase decision it is important to consider factors such as its features and price. With enough research and planning, one can find a good deal for themselves.


1) What is the current price of a Hummer Bike in Tanzania?
The cost of a Hummer bike in Tanzania can vary depending on the model and year. However, on average, they range from TSH 2,000,000 to TSH 3,500,000.

2) Are there any additional fees involved in purchasing a Hummer Bike in Tanzania?
Yes, there may be additional expenses such as registration fees and insurance costs that need to be considered when buying a motorbike.

3) Can I buy a used Hummer Bike at a lower cost than new ones?
Yes, you can save money by purchasing second-hand bikes from dealerships or private sellers. Be sure to inspect the bike thoroughly before making your purchase and negotiate prices accordingly.

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