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Internal Hard Drives & Prices in Tanzania

Like external Hard Drives, Internal Hard Drives have grown increasingly important in recent times. With the efficacy of the computer system growing every day, the world is constantly in demand for better computer performance, one which is measured by the hard drive capacity of a computer. Where the internal drive capacity of a computer system is not enough, the drives can be replaced with larger and stronger ones for smoother performance.

Internal hard drives are an essential component of most computers and are used for storing data, files, and operating systems. In Tanzania, there is a wide range of internal hard drives available at different price points, making it easy for users to find a storage solution that fits their budget and needs.

When choosing an internal hard drive, it is important to consider a few factors such as storage capacity, speed, and reliability. The most common storage capacities available in the market are 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB. It is important to choose a storage capacity that fits your needs and budget.

Another important factor to consider is speed. There are two types of internal hard drives, namely, Hard Disk Drives (HDD) and Solid State Drives (SSD). HDD’s are less expensive and have larger storage capacities compared to SSDs, but are slower in terms of data transfer speed. SSDs are more expensive but offer faster data transfer speeds, making them ideal for demanding tasks such as gaming and video editing.

Reliability is also an important factor to consider when choosing an internal hard drive. Brands such as Seagate, Western Digital, and Toshiba are known for their reliable products.

The prices of internal hard drives in Tanzania vary depending on the brand, capacity, and speed. On average, an internal hard drive can range from TZS 50,000 to TZS 400,000.

Internal hard drives are an essential component of most computers and are available in Tanzania at a range of prices, making it easy for users to find a storage solution that fits their budget and needs. When choosing an internal hard drive, it is important to consider factors such as storage capacity, speed, and reliability, to ensure you are getting a quality product that meets your needs.

This post takes a look at prices of various internal hard drive available in the market today and things to consider before purchasing one.

Prices of Internal Hard Drives in Tanzania

Here, we will take a look at the prices of popular Internal Hard Drive brands available in Tanzania today and how much their products go for. Below are some popular internal disk drive brands and how much they currently go for in the market.

Seagate Internal Hard Drive

  • Seagate 500 GB: TSh27,018 – TSh107,000
  • Seagate 1 TB: TSh75,649 – TSh160,500
  • Seagate 2 TB: TSh91,860 – TSh218,280
  • Seagate 3 TB: TSh133,750 – TSh245,565
  • Seagate 4 TB: TSh180,081 – TSh347,750

Western Digital Internal Hard Drive

  • Western Digital 500 GB: TSh32,100 – TSh80,250
  • Western Digital 1 TB: TSh70,941 – TSh133,750
  • Western Digital 3 TB: TSh112,350 – TSh160,500
  • Western Digital 4 TB: TSh180,081 – TSh327,420
  • Western Digital 10 TB: TSh654,840 – TSh862,206
  • Western Digital 8 TB: TSh572,985 – TSh654,840

Transcend Internal Hard Drive

  • Transcend 256 GB (SATA III): TSh218,280 – TSh327,420
  • Transcend 480 GB (SATA III): TSh381,990 – TSh463,845

Samsung Internal Hard Drive

  • Samsung 500 GB (SATA III): TSh297,193 – TSh381,990
  • Samsung 250 GB: TSh53,500 – TSh107,000
  • Samsung 256 GB: TSh86,456 – TSh133,750
  • Samsung 480 GB: TSh160,500 – TSh272,850

Dogfish Internal Hard Drive

  • Dogfish 240 GB (solid state drives): TSh91,860 – TSh107,000
  • Dogfish 120 GB (solid state drives): TSh65,484 – TSh80,250
  • Dogfish 30 GB (solid state drives): TSh43,656 – TSh53,500
  • Dogfish 512 GB (solid state drives): TSh272,850 – TSh327,420

Toshiba Internal Hard Drive

  • Toshiba 500 GB: TSh49,113 – TSh91,860
  • Toshiba 1 TB: TSh80,250 – TSh190,995
  • Toshiba 60 GB (SATA III): TSh43,656 – TSh80,250
  • Toshiba 250 GB (SATA III): TSh70,941 – TSh160,500

Note that the variation in prices is as a result of certain factors which include the currency exchange rate at the period of purchase, place of purchase and period of purchase.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing an Internal Hard Drive

Internal hard drives are one of the most readily available computer gadgets in the market today. You can practically get them anywhere. The problem is not where to buy the hard drive, it is knowing the right type to buy. There are various types and classes of internal hard drives. They vary in sizes, qualities and prices.

The variety available today makes it difficult to know the exact type to buy. Before you buy an internal hard drive, it is vital you consider some basic factors so as to streamline your options and eventually pick the best for you. Here are some factors to consider when buying an internal hard drive:

Storage Capacity

As you’d expect, the storage capacity is the first thing to consider when buying an internal hard drive. It is usually important to consider why you need an internal hard drive. This will determine the actual size that would be fine for you. Keep in mind though, the more storage you want, the more money you will need to get it. If your computer usage includes only browsing the internet and running a few other programs, there might not be a need to get an internal hard drive with large storage.

Rotational Speed

Naturally, the faster the RPM of an internal Hard Drive, the faster they will process data. Also, for every extra bit of horsepower, cost effects factor in. When buying an internal drive, it is important to specify which RPM category you want. Frankly, 10,000 RPM is overload unless you are a gamer, programmer or heavy user of the computer. The new SSD (Solid State Drive) and SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Drive) make RPMs look unexciting.

Internal or External Drive

You should also consider whether you would favour an external drive over an internal drive, or vice versa. This largely depends on what you need an extra hard drive for. You should also consider the mobility and which type is more convenient for you.


This is one factor you shouldn’t ignore. There are various brands that manufacture internal hard drive in the market today and it is essential to consider the very best models. When you decide on a type you want, read about the brand and check user reviews. Usually, it is safer to go for a known brand than a relatively unknown, untested brand.


Accept it or not, this factor drives all other factors already mentioned here. It is important to consider how much you have to spend on an internal hard drive before you decide on which to pick. There are various types of internal drives in the market and they vary in prices. While the most expensive might not be the best for you, the cheapest might also not serve you as well as you might want also.