Solar Panel Prices in Tanzania

Epileptic power supply is a major problem in Tanzania and one of the ways Tanzanians have been solving this challenge is by using alternate power sources. One of these alternate sources is the use of solar panels. However, with the increased proliferation of solar panels, it is easy to find yourself buying the wrong type … Read more

Prices of Inverter Batteries in Tanzania

Now that you are aware of the prices of the different brands and sizes of inverter batteries, you can go ahead and choose wisely. Watch this space for more information as it unfolds.

Luminous Inverter Prices in Tanzania

Luminous Inverters are a popular choice in Tanzania for backup power during frequent power outages. The prices of Luminous Inverters in Tanzania vary depending on the capacity and features of the inverter.

Solar Inverter Prices in Tanzania

Up NEPA! That is the usual sound of excitement in many parts of Tanzania whenever power is restored. For decades, all efforts (sincere or otherwise) that have been channeled towards improving power generation in Tanzania have proved abortive. In fact, many believe the situation has worsened over time. As Tanzania continues to develop, the demand … Read more