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KeepTruckin ELD Price: Meeting Tanzania’s Trucking Regulations

KeepTruckin ELD Price: Meeting Tanzania’s Trucking Regulations


In recent years, trucking regulations have become increasingly stringent in Tanzania. One of the latest requirements is for commercial trucks to implement electronic logging devices (ELDs) to monitor driver hours of service and ensure compliance with rest periods.

One such solution gaining popularity among truckers and fleet owners in Tanzania is KeepTruckin ELD. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about KeepTruckin ELD price, features, and benefits.

What is KeepTruckin ELD?

KeepTruckin ELD is an electronic logging device that helps fleets comply with FMCSA regulations while also providing additional features like GPS tracking, vehicle diagnostics, driver coaching tools, and more.

Benefits of KeepTruckin ELD

  • Compliance with Tanzanian regulations: By implementing a system like KeepTruckin ELD, fleets can easily comply with the new Tanzanian regulation requiring electronic logging.
  • Increased productivity: With various features like real-time GPS tracking and automated HOS logs management software drivers are able to avoid unnecessary stops or delays caused by traffic problem on routes.
  • Better communication between office staff & drivers : The intuitive administration interface allows dispatchers to assign jobs from anywhere there’s internet connectivity including remote areas where cell signals may be weak.

Features of KeepTruckin ELD

Some notable features include:

  • Electronic Logging Device: Easily record Hours-of-service data using an app-based interface
  • Smart Dashcam : provides extensive dash cam footage coverage through AI-powered drive recognization
  • Wiring harness kit included:The plug-and-play wiring harness kit makes installation easy without any special equipment needed.


Pricing for the device itself starts at $150 per unit. Additionally clients need subscribe for monthly subscription ($20 per month per individual listed).
However it worth noting that the KeepTruckin ELD is an investment that can pay off in terms of both compliance and increased productivity.


KeepTruckin ELD is a solution that offers value for money. With its features and benefits, it can help fleets in Tanzania meet trucking regulations while increasing productivity. If you’re considering implementing an electronic logging device, KeepTruckin ELD is definitely worth checking out.

*Note: Prices may vary based on local Tanzanian retailers or dealerships




What is the cost of KeepTruckin ELD in Tanzania?
Ans: The price of KeepTruckin ELD depends on several factors, such as the number of vehicles and drivers you have, your subscription plan, and additional features you may require. However, KeepTruckin offers competitive pricing packages starting from $20 per month per vehicle.

How can I purchase KeepTruckin ELD in Tanzania?
Ans: You can purchase KeepTruckin ELD online through their official website or by contacting their sales team in Tanzania. They will guide you through the ordering process and help you choose the right package for your business needs.

Is KeepTruckin compliant with Tanzanian trucking regulations?
Ans: Yes, KeepTruckin ELD is fully compliant with Tanzanian trucking regulations regarding electronic logging devices (ELDs). It satisfies all requirements outlined by the government bodies responsible for regulating commercial motor vehicle operations in Tanzania. Additionally, it comes with a compliance guarantee that ensures it meets all legal standards set forth by regulatory agencies such as TIRA (Tanzania Institute of Roads Authority) and SUMATRA (Surface And Marine Transport Regulatory Authority).