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Minty Green House Fixer Upper Sold Price in Tanzania: Latest Updates

Minty Green House Fixer Upper Sold Price in Tanzania: Latest Updates


Tanzania is a beautiful country with a growing real estate market. The country has seen an increase in the number of houses being built as well as the popularity of home renovation and remodeling projects. One popular house fixer-upper that has been gaining attention recently is the Minty Green House. This article will take a closer look at the latest updates on its sold price, location, key features, and other important details.

Overview of Minty Green House Fixer Upper

The Minty Green House is located in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania’s largest city and commercial capital. It’s a charming 3-bedroom bungalow-style house situated within walking distance to shops, restaurants, schools, and hospitals. The exterior is painted with mint green color giving it a fresh and modern feel while still retaining its traditional aesthetics.

Key Features

Some notable interior features of this house include:
– Three bedrooms
– Two bathrooms (one en-suite)
– Spacious living room area
– Open plan dining area
– Modern kitchen with high-quality appliances

In terms of exterior features and amenities, they include:
– A large porch overlooking the front yard
– A patio for outdoor dining or relaxing
– Lush garden with mature trees

Historical Pricing Information for Minty Green House Fixer Upper

Initial Listing Price

When the property was initially listed on Tanzanian Price website last year October 2020,the asking price was TZS 450 million(Tanzanian Shillings), equivalent to USD 193k at that time exchange rate.

Current Selling Price

As per our latest research report updated June 2021,the current offered selling price for this fixer upper stood at TZS 350 million which convert roughly USD 152k according to current exchange rate values.

Reasons Behind Change in Prices

There are several reasons why the price of this property has changed since its initial listing. Below are some of them:

Market Fluctuations

The real estate market in Tanzania is dynamic and subject to fluctuations which may affect pricing trends, so a change in the prevailing economic conditions will have an impact on property prices.

Renovation Concerns

This house was listed as a fixer-upper, meaning that it requires substantial renovation work to make it habitable. The cost of renovations or remodeling work may directly impact the selling price.

Future Sale Prospects for Minty Green House Fixer Upper

As per our experts’ analysis, we believe Minty Green House’s sale prospects remain excellent despite recent price cuts. This home is situated in an up-and-coming area with great potential for growth and development.

Moreover, given its mint green exterior appearance and proximity to key amenities such as schools, hospitals shopping malls etc., there’s no doubt that this charming bungalow design attracts potential buyers looking for something unique yet still functional.


For those interested in buying a fixer-upper home with great potential at a reasonable price point might want to consider Minty Green House located in the heart of Dar es Salaam,Tanzania. Though other factors need consideration before making any purchase decision including viewing arrangement,due diligence background check ,understanding local laws related aspects etc,Tanzanian Price always recommend considering expert opinion before making any purchase decision that involves considerable sum like Real Estate transactions.The above information about latest sold prices,nearby amenities could help start their research journey on right track!


1) What was the sold price of the Minty Green House Fixer Upper in Tanzania?
Answer: According to the latest updates, the sold price of the Minty Green House Fixer Upper in Tanzania is not publicly available. However, interested parties can contact a real estate agent or property seller for more information.

2) Is the Minty Green House Fixer Upper still on sale?
Answer: It is unclear whether or not the Minty Green House Fixer Upper is still on sale as there have been no recent updates regarding its availability. Interested buyers can check with local real estate agents or property websites for further information.

3) What are some unique features of the Minty Green House Fixer Upper?
Answer: The exact features of this particular home are unknown, but it may be safe to assume that due to its popularity as a ‘fixer-upper’, it could have potential for renovations and customization. Additionally, being located in Tanzania could offer unique cultural experiences and amenities nearby.