Chest Freezer Prices in Tanzania

Chest Freezer Prices in Tanzania

Chest freezers are more commonly referred to as “deep freezers” in Tanzania. These pieces of equipment have become very important in homes and some businesses in Tanzania today. For example, if you run a provision store, sell drinks, run a restaurant, or sell groceries, you need a chest freezer. Before starting a business or purchasing … Read more

Water Dispenser Prices in Tanzania

Many homes and businesses in Tanzania have water dispensers since they are so popular and useful. Depending on the brand, model, and other specifications, water coolers may cost anywhere from 200,000 to 1,500,000 Tanzanian shillings. With a water dispenser, you can easily get clean, cold water. This is especially helpful in hot, humid places. Also, … Read more

Gas Cookers with Ovens & Prices in Tanzania

Gas cookers and ovens are arguably among the most essential appliances in a modern kitchen. While these two must-have appliances have each built a market of their own, the idea to have these two combined in a single appliance was a welcome improvement. Apart from the fact that combining the two appliances help manage space … Read more

Nexus Washing Machine Reviews & Prices in Tanzania

Nexus is one of the leading washing machine brands in Tanzania today. The brand has not one been appreciated for the consistency in delivering top drawer products across various industries, they have also established a strong manufacturer-customer relationship with reliable and durable products. Nexus may not be the most popular when it comes to home … Read more

Refrigerator Prices in Tanzania

If you are looking for prices of various brands of refrigerators in Tanzania, you have come to the right place. As you probably already know, the several types, sizes and brands of refrigerators in the market today can be overwhelming. Gone are the days you can walk to the market to just pick a fridge. … Read more

Stabilizer Prices in Tanzania

Stabilizer Prices in Tanzania

Stabilizers are essential electrical components that regulate the voltage supply to ensure stable and safe operation of electrical appliances. In Tanzania, stabilizer prices can vary widely depending on various factors such as brand, type, and features. In Tanzania, power supply is often unreliable, and power fluctuations can damage electronic devices. Stabilizers help protect electronic devices … Read more