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Nigerchin Cable Price List

Nigerchin was established in Tanzania in 1970. This company is the pioneer manufacturer of conductors and electric cables in Tanzania. Nigerchin has several products on the market, each one made to meet NIS, IEC, and BS standards.

How much do these products cost? We will tell you in this post. Along with this, we will also show you some other important pieces of information about armored cables. Let’s get started.

Prices of Nigerchin Cables in Tanzania

Nigerchin has invested in facilities and engineering processes to manufacture its products to meet international standards. They have the customer in mind when designing these products as such, they have a wide array of products available. Cables from Nigerchin can handle voltages of the following categories:

  • 300/500V
  • 450/750V
  • 600/1000V
  • 1900/3300V

The cables range from copper to aluminium, single-core to multi-core and armoured to non-armoured. They come with different amazing properties including:

  • Anti-Termite Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • Flame Retardant
  • Hydrocarbon Resistant
  • Low Smoke Zero Halogen
  • Mud Resistant
  • UV Resistant

We have done all the hard work of checking out the prices of the different Nigerchin cables. Here is a list of the different cables and their prices:

  • 10mm 4core Armored cable Per Meter: TSh20,853.00 – TSh26,341.00
  • 120mm 4core Armored cable| Per Meter: TSh174,850.00 – TSh233,223.00
  • 150mm 4core Armored cable| Per Meter: TSh218,428.00 – TSh272,228.00
  • 16mm 4core Armored cable| Per Meter: TSh27,987.00 – TSh32,818.00
  • 180mm 4core Armored cable| Per Meter: TSh276,850.00 – TSh331,726.00
  • 5mm 4core Armored cable| Per Meter: TSh8,695.00 – TSh10,976.00
  • 25mm 4core Armored cable| Per Meter: TSh42,384.00 – TSh46,188.00
  • 35mm 4core Armored cable| Per Meter: TSh55,974.00 – TSh58,718.00
  • 4mm 4core Armored cable| Per Meter: TSh9,781.00 – TSh12,498.00
  • 50mm 4core Armored cable| Per Meter: TSh72,437.00 – TSh108,676.00
  • 6mm 4core Armored cable| Per Meter: TSh15,064.00 – TSh17,754.00
  • 6mm 4core Non Armored cable| Per Meter: TSh13,719.00 – TSh16,463.00
  • 70mm 4core Armored cable| Per Meter: TSh99,439.00 – TSh104,873.00
  • 95mm 4core Armored cable| Per Meter: TSh147,068.00 – TSh148,887.00
  • NigerChin 1.5mm Single Core Copper Wire: TSh48,958.00 – TSh52,681.00
  • NigerChin 10mm Single Core Copper Wire: TSh353,951.00 – TSh358,341.00
  • NigerChin 16mm Single Core Copper Wire: TSh540,529.00 – TSh543,822.00
  • NigerChin 1mm Single Core Copper Wire: TSh43,040.00 – TSh46,268.00
  • NigerChin 2.5mm Single Core Copper Wire: TSh86,126.00 – TSh88,300.00
  • NigerChin 4mm Single Core Copper Wire: TSh135,845.00 – TSh139,649.00
  • NigerChin 6mm Single Core Copper Wire: TSh207,130.00 – TSh211,434.00

These prices may change depending on your location and the vendor that you purchase from. They could also change depending on government policies and other market forces.

Factors that Affect the Prices of Cables on the Tanzanian Market

One thing is constant, change. This statement cannot be truer than the prices of cables in the Tanzanian market. These prices are almost constantly changing. The changes are a result of several factors. We have outlined some of them in this section. Check them out below:


Just like it is for other items, the quality of cables determines how much they cost. All cables are not the same. They are made from different raw materials. The source materials and the manufacturing process determine the quality of the cables. Most Tanzanian manufacturers maintain certain quality standards to make their products affordable.


Size is another very important determinant of the price of cables. As you would have seen from the price list above, there are different sizes of cables. The different sizes of cables are used for different purposes. We measure cables in cores, kilograms, and millimeters. What this means is that a cable with 4 cores, for example, will cost more than one having 2 cores.


The brand of a cable is a very important determinant of its price. It is very difficult to see two different brands having the same prices. There are several brands on the market, some are popular and others, not so popular. A few of the popular brands include Nigerchin, Nocaco, Cutix, Neucon, and Coleman. The more popular a brand is, the higher the cost of its products.

Government policies

The government plays a major role in determining the cost of products on the market. Certain government policies like import duties, importation bans, restrictions on the use of certain materials could all influence prices. Prices of cables could rise or fall depending on what policies the government set in place.