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Open Phone Price: The Cost of Open Phone Service in Tanzania

Open Phone Price: The Cost of Open Phone Service in Tanzania


Open phone service, also known as open access or open source telephony, is becoming increasingly popular in Tanzania. This technology allows users to choose the hardware and software they want to use for making calls and sending messages, rather than being tied to specific carriers or devices. In this article, we will explore the cost of open phone service in Tanzania and how it compares to traditional phone services.

Benefits of Open Phone Service

Before discussing the cost of open phone service in Tanzania, it’s essential to highlight its benefits. Some advantages of using an open phone service include:

  • Flexibility: Unlike traditional carrier-locked phones that restrict you from using other networks or SIM cards, with an open phone service provider like Vodacom, you can switch operators freely.
  • Affordability: When purchasing a new device through a carrier-provided contract or installment plan where the buyer may end up paying more over time. You can save money by buying your own device outright on credit then sign up for pay-as-you-go (PAYG) mobile plans with low rates.
  • Customizability: With an open source network provider like OpenCellular, users have access to customize their systems without worrying about compatibility issues since both software and hardware are easily interchangeable.

Cost Comparison between Traditional Telecoms & Open Providers

To compare costs between traditional telecom providers versus those providing an “open” experience here are some key factors that must be kept in mind:

Device Costs

When comparing costs between a cellular carrier and an “open” provider such as Koomza or Airtel there remains quite differing costs associated with equipment purchases respectively:

Cellular Carrier Devices

For example typical devices used offered by Tanzanian telecom companies had prices ranging from 15000 TZS – 500000 TZS at last check representing different models varying specifications.

Open Providers Devices

Conversely, an open provider like Koomza offers users the option to buy their own devices outright instead of through carrier contracts or loans. Prices range from 40000 TZS – 250000TZS.

Monthly Service Costs

When it comes to monthly service costs, pay-as-you-go (PAYG) plans are becoming more popular among Tanzanian telecommunications companies and open providers alike. The table below illustrates some of the PAYG phone plan options offered by both traditional carriers and “open” providers such as OpenCellular and Airtel Tanzania:

Provider Plan Price per Minute
Vodacom Tanzania PAYG Bundle 4 Tzs/Sec
Airtel Tanzania Talk More Plus 2 Tzs/Sec
Halotel Bando $0.02/min
Smart Saizi Yako .05 Tzs/sec


Open phone service is a viable option for those seeking greater control over their communication tools while also saving money on devices and services. Comparatively, open phone services appear less expensive than options being served up by traditional cellular carriers in Tanzania today.

As with any new technology or trend in market climate however there are differing opinions on what constitutes high value services relative to price paid so keep comparison shopping through different plans when it comes time so you make well-informed decisions about which perhaps provides best combination of device+service at right price point whether that be via an established cellular provider or upstart “open” wireless carrier vendor already operating domestically within your region


What is Open Phone Service in Tanzania?
Open Phone Service in Tanzania refers to a mobile network service that allows subscribers to use their own devices, rather than relying on a provider-supplied phone. This enables users to save money by purchasing cheaper, unlocked smartphones instead of being locked into carrier contracts.

How much does Open Phone Service cost in Tanzania?
The cost of Open Phone Service depends on the type of plan you choose and the data usage you require. Generally, Open Phone plans are more affordable compared to traditional carrier plans because they don’t include the cost of a device subsidy or contract fees.

Are there any downsides to using Open Phone Service in Tanzania?
One potential downside is that users may need technical knowledge or assistance for setting up their phones with an appropriate SIM card and ensuring compatibility with the chosen service provider. Also, some areas may have limited coverage for certain networks which could affect phone usage depending on where one resides or travels within the country.