Orcam.com Price in Tanzania: How Much Does It Cost?

OrCam.com Price in Tanzania: How Much Does It Cost?

OrCam.com is a revolutionary technology that helps people with visual impairment to see the world around them. The device uses advanced machine learning algorithms and computer vision to read texts, recognize faces, identify products, and even describe scenes. This innovative device has gained popularity worldwide for its ability to enhance the independence and quality of life of visually impaired individuals.

Overview of OrCam

OrCam consists of a small camera unit that attaches to eyeglasses or sunglasses, which captures visual inputs from the surrounding environment. The captured images are then processed through artificial intelligence algorithms and converted into audio feedback that is transmitted via bone conduction technology directly to the ear.

Some of the key features of OrCam include:

  • Reading text aloud
  • Identifying faces
  • Recognizing products
  • Describing what’s happening around you

OrCam Price in Tanzania

The cost of OrCam varies depending on various factors such as location, version, etc. In Tanzania, the price ranges between TSH 4 million ($1700) and TSH 6 million ($2500), including VAT. However, prices may vary depending upon where you purchase it from.

It’s important to note that while this may seem expensive for some people in Tanzania; however when compared with alternative assistive technologies providing similar functionality like braille readers/typing devices or personal attendant care costs can be comparable if not cheaper over time.


OrCam is an amazing innovation that enables visually impaired individuals navigate their daily lives without needing assistance from others. Although it comes with a high price tag, it is well worth the investment considering how much it can improve quality-of-life for those who need it most.

Hopefully this article has provided valuable insights into how much OrCam costs in Tanzania – whether you’re looking for information as someone who needs one themselves or wants more detailed knowledge beforehand purchasing one as a gift.


What is the cost of Orcam device in Tanzania?
The price of Orcam device in Tanzania starts from $3,500.

Are there any additional costs for buying an Orcam device in Tanzania?
There may be additional shipping and handling fees for delivery to Tanzania, and it’s also important to note that taxes and duties may apply upon importation.

Can I get a discount on the Orcam device price in Tanzania?
Discounts or promotions on the Orcam device may be available at certain times or through authorized resellers, so it’s worth checking with local retailers or contacting the company directly to inquire about any current offers.

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