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OX Standing Fan Prices in Tanzania

The OX brand needs no introduction. When you see a standing fan operating with so much efficiency and power, there is a real chance the fan is an OX product. This tells you how highly rated the brand is. When it comes to power and smooth fan operation, you can’t but mention OX fans. Quality aside, Ox build their products in some unique ways to enable them last for a long time. If you are looking to buy a standing fan that offers you huge efficiency, ruggedness and durability, then OX standing fans should be among the top fans on your list.

It is not just about the quality, it is beyond the string design, Ox have over time built a lasting reputation for themselves and you expect their standing fans to only showcase their excellence. Ox is one of those few brands you will find everywhere and in almost every sphere. They can be used in living rooms, bedrooms, offices, event centres, and other similar environments. They don’t just have commanding presence, they rule.

Ox standing fans are one of the most sought after fans in Tanzania. Their large market is an evidence of how well the product has been received in the market. They come in different sizes, inches and power rating. They maintain a unique design and despite their various types, all their products maintain top quality.

In this post, we will take a look at prices of popular models of the brand and why they are among the best standing fans available today.

Prices of Ox Standing Fans in Tanzania

Ox standing fans generally have commanding presence. The company has developed a strong reputation and you can only expect their products, most especially their standing fans to replicate such excellence. Ox, just like few other fan brands, is one of the brands that set their stamp on the market. Their flexibility makes them one of the most in-demand fans in Tanzania. The standing fans come in various sizes, shapes and designs. Prices are generally dependent on the size, power rating and overall efficiency. This means that a 20-inch standing fan is expected to be more expensive than 18-incg standing fans.

Ox standing fans can be bought directly from the manufacturer or local distributors across the country. For convenience, they are also available for purchase online and also available at electrical equipment stores across the country.

Here, we will take a look at prices of various types and models of Ox standing fans available today.

  • 16 inches Rechargeable OX standing fan: TSh129,684 – TSh162,105
  • 18 inches Rechargeable OX standing fan: TSh140,491 – TSh187,250
  • 18 inches OX standing fan: TSh96,300 – TSh187,250
  • 20 inches OX Standing Fan: TSh162,105 – TSh245,565
  • 26 inches OX industrial standing fan: TSh176,550 – TSh321,000

It should be noted that the variation in these prices is as a result of certain factors which include the currency exchange rate, place and period of purchase, and other related factors.

Things You Will Like About Ox Standing Fans

Ox standing fans are creating a trend in the market. They have placed themselves in a class that has distinguished them from others. You cannot talk about best fans available in the market today without Ox standing fans on your list. The standing fan, regardless of the inches, guarantee value for your money and you cannot just be wrong with Ox. Here are some factors that make them one of the most sought after standing fans in the market.

  • Efficiency: When you talk about smooth operation and efficiency, only few other brands can match Ox standing fan. It is no wonder they are used and still highly effective in big halls. The fan blades and overall designs make ox fans very efficient. Regardless of the inches, the fan maintains high quality from every sphere of it.
  • Durability: Ox standing fans are one of those fans you can use for years without having any issue with it. They are designed to be rugged and adapt to several environments. They are also relatively easy to maintain.
  • Easy Speed Control: Ox standing fans have a manual control you can use to regulate the speed of the blade. Unlike some other standing fans, the control is easy to use and efficient.

Things You Might Not Like About Ox Standing Fans

Ox standing fans are great, but they have some very few downsides. Here are some,

  • Heavy: If you are looking to get a fan that is very light and easy to move from one place to the other, you might need to look somewhere else. Ox standing fans have commanding presence, they occupy reasonable amount of space and are among the heaviest standing fans available. Given their gigantic design though, you should not expect any less.
  • Noise: When set to a high speed, there is a tendency for the fan to be making some “breeze noise” that might distort a sound sleep.

Prices of Different Fans in Tanzania

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Looking for the best prices on OX Standing Fans in Tanzania? Look no further! Here are some of the most popular OX Standing Fan prices you’ll find in the market:

Model Price
OX 18″ Standing Fan TZS 110,000
OX 16″ Standing Fan TZS 95,000
OX 14″ Standing Fan TZS 80,000
OX 12″ Standing Fan TZS 65,000

As you can see, there is a wide range of prices available for OX Standing Fans in Tanzania, depending on the model and features you’re looking for. Whether you’re looking for a larger 18″ model or a smaller 12″ option, there is an OX Standing Fan out there to meet your needs and budget.

So why wait? Start shopping for the perfect OX Standing Fan for your home or office today!

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