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Plasma TV Prices in Tanzania

Buying a television in Tanzania used to be pretty easy. I mean, there were such a limited types and brands of TVs to choose from. People were only faced with the challenge of picking a particular size that’d serve them well enough. Today, thanks to technology and digital advancement, one can easily get blown away by the various types of TVs available in the market. Even if you know the exact TV size you want to buy, you may still be lost in the exact type to buy. The various TV types today are mainly distinguished by their display mechanism, which affects their overall picture quality and functionality. When you list the best television types available, be sure to include plasma TV.

Of the various types of TV available, the most prominent are LCDs and Plasma. It is very easy to mistaken one for the other. If you are not a gadget-person, you may might not even be able to distinguish between the two. The main difference between these two types of TVs is their display mechanism. Plasma TV works by having a mixture of different noble gases in small compartments behind a panel of glass. When it comes to display, they offer very top quality and is generally regarded among the best types of TVs.

It is easy to see why Tanzanians have embraced the invention of Plasma TVs. This type of TV takes you view and overall TV experience to another level. With user-friendly features, amazing picture quality, hitch-free sound output, you can be very sure of enjoyable each time you turn on your plasma TV.

Plasma TVs are generally expensive though. They are among the most expensive TV types available at the moment. They are also available in various sizes and shapes. Latest inventions have produced curved TVs that are mouth-watering and offers even better view. They are sharp, sleek and durable. In fact, they are one of the types of TVs you can use for ages and not have any issues with.

In this post, we will take a look at prices of various plasma TVs in Tanzania. We will also consider why plasma TVs are regarded as one of the best TVs today.

Prices of Plasma TVs in Tanzania

When it comes to picture quality and overall TV experience, only very few types of TV can match Plasma TVs. Although they might not be the latest type of TV available, they remain among the most rated TVs in the country. Plasma TVs maintain a classy picture quality coupled with very nice design, which depends on brands.

Plasma TVs are generally expensive. Although they still have their own market in Tanzania, they are no longer as popular in the general gadget market. They can be bought directly from brand manufacturers or local distributors across the country. They are also available in online gadget stores and contemporary suppliers. They vary in inches, designs and types. These factors are among the main reasons for variation in prices. Generally, the larger the inch, the more expensive the TV.

Let us take a look at prices of the most popular Plasma TVs in Tanzania today.

Samsung Plasma TV Prices in Tanzania

  • 32 inches Plasma TV: TSh594,385 – TSh709,410
  • 43 inches Plasma TV: TSh1,177,000 – TSh1,364,250
  • 55 inches Smart Plasma TV: TSh1,872,500 – TSh2,455,650
  • 65 inches smart Plasma TV: TSh2,564,790 – TSh3,547,050

Hisense Plasma TV Prices in Tanzania

  • 50 inches Plasma TV: TSh1,364,250 – TSh1,605,000
  • 55 inches Plasma TV: TSh1,498,000 – TSh2,182,800
  • 65 inches Smart Plasma TV: TSh2,323,505 – TSh2,675,000

LG Plasma TV Prices in Tanzania

  • 43 inches Plasma TV: TSh873,120 – TSh1,364,250
  • 60 inches Plasma TV: TSh1,872,500 – TSh2,455,650
  • 65 inches plasma TV: TSh2,510,220 – TSh2,837,640

Polystar Plasma TV Prices in Tanzania

  • 32 inches Plasma TV: TSh324,210 – TSh436,560
  • 65 inches smart plasma TV: TSh2,182,800 –TSh2,455,650

Sony Plasma TV Prices in Tanzania

  • 43 inches Plasma TV: TSh1,567,015 – TSh1,746,240
  • 49 inches Plasma TV: TSh1,605,000 – TSh1,872,500
  • 65 inches Smart plasma: TSh4,815,000 – TSh6,549, 000
  • 70 inches smart plasma: TSh7,095, 000 – TSh9,727, 000

Sharp Plasma TV Prices in Tanzania

  • 32 inches Plasma TV: TSh405,263 – TSh709,410

Panasonic Plasma TV Prices in Tanzania

  • 32 inches Plasma TV: TSh594,385 – TSh802,500
  • 43 inches Plasma TV: TSh1,177,000 – TSh1,498,000

Things You Will Love About Plasma TVs

  • Outstanding Picture Quality: If picture quality is a factor you take seriously in a television, then you should go all out for plasma TV. For all the right reasons, plasma TVs cut the mark here. In fact, in terms of overall picture output, only very few TVs can compete with Plasma. They are clean and most of the time, they come as HD or Ultra High Definition. The sound quality is also fantastic. With or without attached sound system, you can be sure of lovely sound output.
  • High Resolution: Most plasma TVs these days are at least 720p capable and some others are 1080p capable. Almost all plasma displays on the market are 16:9 aspect ratio sets, which is also essential for HDTV viewing.
  • Connectivity: Most plasma TVs available today can be plugged directly to PC.

Things You May Not Like About Plasma TVs

  • Susceptible to Screen Burn: With the kind of material Plasma TV screens are made, they are very susceptible to burns if not properly maintained and monitored.
  • Shorter lifespan: Unlike LEDs, Plasma screens are not guaranteed to last for a lifetime. Although they can last long when properly monitored and maintained, they still don’t really make the cut when in terms of durability.