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Price of Hisense Fridges in Tanzania

Tanzanians have their pick of Hisense’s many different refrigerator models and sizes. A Hisense refrigerator may cost anywhere from 600,000 Tanzanian shillings to as much as 5,000,000 shillings.

Energy economy, durability, and cutting-edge technologies like frost-free chilling and multi-air flow systems are just a few of the reasons to choose a Hisense refrigerator. These refrigerators are perfect for homes and businesses, and they come in a variety of sizes, from tiny versions that fit in tight quarters to huge French door refrigerators that can store a lot of food.

Hisense refrigerators are versatile in more ways than one, since they may be used to store food, drinks, medicine, and other perishables in addition to chilling them. Also, because they have a modern, minimalist look, they are a stylish addition to any home or office.

It’s crucial to take into account the buyer’s unique requirements when deciding on a Hisense refrigerator, such as the number of people who will be using it and the number of items that will need to be stored inside it. A model’s energy-use costs should also be considered.

In general, Hisense refrigerators are a good option for individuals in Tanzania who want a high-quality fridge at a fair price. Because there are so many models and features to choose from, a Hisense refrigerator can be made to fit any home or business.

Hisense may not be the first name that comes to mind when it comes to the very best home appliance brands, but they have surely staked their claims among the very best in the industry today. With a lot of standout brands in the fridge section of the home appliance industry today, it is amazing to see how well Hisense has fared. The brand’s products not only compete with the very best in terms of quality and overall delivery, but they have also gained an upper hand thanks to their lower prices when compared with other heavyweights in the market.

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This post takes a look at Hisense’s fridges available in Tanzania today and how much they go for.

Price of Hisense fridges in Tanzania

Generally, estimating the average price of home appliances and gadgets in the market today is no longer as straight-forward as it used to be. This is largely due to the current global pandemic, which has limited the importation of products into the country, thereby increasing the prices of related products. With this already established, here are the current prices of Hisense refrigerators in Tanzania today.

  • Hisense Single Door Bed Side Fridge 46 L – TSh323,130 – TSh354,705
  • Hisense Refrigerator Single Door 092DR – TSh335,017 – TSh535,000
  • Hisense Single Door Refrigerator 100 L – TSh327,420 – TSh436,560
  • Hisense Single Door Refrigerator 176 L – TSh436,560 – TSh729,473
  • Hisense Fridge Top Mount Defrost Refrigerator 182 DR – TSh469,302 – TSh588,500
  • Hisense 225 Liters Refrigerator With Bottom Freezer – TSh810,525 – TSh909,500
  • Hisense Double Door Refrigerator with Dispenser 204 L – TSh648,420 – TSh864,560
  • Hisense Double Door Refrigerator with Dispenser 545 L – TSh1,446,105 – TSh1,621,050
  • Hisense 264 LTRS Refrigerator With Bottom Freezer & Water Dispenser – TSh813,200 – TSh864,560
  • Hisense 282 Liters Single Door Beverage Display Cooler & Refrigerator – TSh1,107,450 – TSh1,200,540
  • Hisense 302 Litres Double Door Silver Refrigerator With Defrost – TSh1,064,115 – TSh1,200,540
  • Hisense 514 LITRES SIDE BY SIDE FRIDGE WITH WATER & ICE DISPENSER – TSh2,113,250 – TSh2,193,500
  • Hisense 535 LITRES SIDE BY SIDE FRIDGE WITH WATER & ICE DISPENSER – TSh2,755,250 – TSh3,219,630

The variation in the prices listed above is a result of some factors which include the place of purchase, the period of purchase, and more importantly, the currency exchange rate at the period of purchase. Hisense fridges are readily available in Tanzania. They can be bought directly from brand manufacturers or local distributors across the country. They are also available in online gadget stores and contemporary suppliers.

Things you will like about Hisense fridges

Hisense fridges are gradually building their niche in the market today. The fridge, regardless of the size, type, operation mechanism, and capacity in terms of liters, guarantee value for your money. Here are some factors that make them one of the best in the refrigerator market.

  • Their Products are Durable – One of the standout features, as confirmed by various customer reviews, is that Hisense fridges are very durable and reliable. They compete with the very best in the market in this department and have staked their claims among the very trusted brands. One can be guaranteed to use the fridge for a very long time without the fear of having to constantly repair the fridge.
  • They are efficient – For a brand that has been compared with the likes of LG and Samsung, you wouldn’t expect anything less in terms of quality of products and overall delivery. While some would argue that Hisense fridges can still not be compared with the likes of Samsung and LG products, it is evident they reasonable and in many cases, cheaper alternatives to these products.
  • They come in different types – Like many other brands, Hisense fridges are available in different types and sizes. This means you can be sure to get one as small as a bedside fridge and one as big as a side-by-side double door fridge of up to 535 liters.
  • Their Products are Affordable – Hisense fridges are relatively cheap, especially when compared with the likes of LG, Samsung, and many other related brands. This is particularly impressive considering the top quality of their products, which stands toe to toe with the “bigger” brands.

What you should know about Hisense fridges

Hisense is one of the highly-rated home appliance brands in Tanzania today. Like some of the top-rated fridge brands, Hisense manufactures only a few types of fridges. Their popular side by side fridge, which includes a freezer on the left and the fridge on the other side, is regarded as one of their top products. This type of fridge is commonly seen in contemporary kitchens. The fridge combines the function of both the freezer and refrigerator. Another common type of Hisense Fridge is the bottom freezer fridge. The refrigerated space takes up the entire top of the appliance. Some of their products feature additional buttons that can be used to adjust the temperature inside the fridge.

Most Hisense fridges Energy Star compliant, which means that they are meant to save you money on utility bills since they take less energy than older fridges do. Another standout aspect is the Twin Cooling System, which creates air for the fridge and freezer separately. This is particularly helpful since the freezer needs to remain dry while having some moisture in the refrigerated space can help the parts stay fresh for as long as possible.