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Prices of Portable DVD Players in Tanzania

The latest technology has rendered orthodox video cassette players archaic, with the DVD player taking the home entertainment world by storm. DVDs generally provide outstanding picture precision, colour and sound reproduction, far beyond the quality of the technology used in video cassette players. The use of DVDs is not limited only to home entertainment: the portable sets that are now being introduced allow you to carry your favourite music and video DVDs and play them any time or place.

Portable DVD players have become a popular entertainment device for many people in Tanzania. With the increasing demand for these devices, it’s essential to understand the current prices of portable DVD players in the country.

Portable DVD players are a popular choice for those who want to watch movies or TV shows on the go. They are compact, easy to use, and offer high-quality video and audio playback. The prices of portable DVD players in Tanzania vary depending on the brand, size, and features of the player. In this article, we will explore the top 10 portable DVD player prices in Tanzania and their benefits. We will also answer three popular questions regarding portable DVD player prices.

Top 10 Portable DVD Player Prices in Tanzania:

  1. Philips 7-inch portable DVD player – Price: TSh 150,000
  2. Sony 9-inch portable DVD player – Price: TSh 200,000
  3. LG 10-inch portable DVD player – Price: TSh 250,000
  4. Impecca 7-inch portable DVD player – Price: TSh 120,000
  5. Sylvania 9-inch portable DVD player – Price: TSh 180,000
  6. Pyle 10-inch portable DVD player – Price: TSh 220,000
  7. Coby 7-inch portable DVD player – Price: TSh 100,000
  8. Ematic 9-inch portable DVD player – Price: TSh 160,000
  9. RCA 10-inch portable DVD player – Price: TSh 240,000
  10. Axess 7-inch portable DVD player – Price: TSh 130,000

Benefits of Portable DVD Players:

  1. Portable and easy to carry around
  2. High-quality video and audio playback
  3. Can play various disc formats, including CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs
  4. Some models come with built-in rechargeable batteries
  5. Can be used in cars, on planes, or on public transportation
  6. Some models come with a screen that swivels for easy viewing
  7. Some models have a USB port or SD card slot for playing digital files

The prices of portable DVD players in Tanzania vary based on the model, features, and brand. A basic model with basic features from a lesser-known brand can cost anywhere between TZS 50,000 to TZS 80,000. A high-end model with advanced features from a well-known brand can cost upwards of TZS 150,000.

In addition to the model, the prices of portable DVD players in Tanzania can vary based on the retailer and location. Prices in urban areas tend to be higher compared to rural areas, and prices can also vary based on the time of year and demand.

Customers can purchase portable DVD players in Tanzania through various channels, including electronics stores, online marketplaces, and local markets. When purchasing online, it’s crucial to check the authenticity of the seller and the prices of the devices before making a purchase to avoid scams.

The prices of portable DVD players in Tanzania vary based on the model, features, brand, retailer, and location. Customers can expect to pay anywhere between TZS 50,000 to TZS 150,000 for a portable DVD player, depending on their needs and budget.

In this post, we will take a look at the various portable DVD brands available in Tanzania today and how much their products go for.

What are the prices of portable DVD players in Tanzania?

Portable DVDs are becoming the in-thing in the electronic world today. Apart from the fact that they are very comfortable and can be easily carried from one place to the other, these types of DVD players allow for comfort and dynamism. They are great for travelling, picnics and other outdoor mini-events.

Various brands have come up with different types of portable DVD players. They vary in designs, screen sizes and functionality. In this section, we will take a look at the prices of some of the most in-demand portable DVD players in Tanzania.

Sony Portable DVDs

  • Sony Portable DVD player 7.5 inches – TSh90,041 – TSh133,750
  • Sony Portable DVD player 7.8 inches – TSh109,140 – TSh160,500
  • Sony Portable Rechargeable DVD (3D) 8.8 inches – TSh136,425 – TSh180,081
  • Sony Portable DVD player 9.8 inches – TSh160,500 – TSh187,250
  • Sony Portable DVD player 10.8 inches – TSh167,509 – TSh205,333
  • Sony Portable DVD player 12.8 inches – TSh174,624 – TSh208,650
  • Sony Portable DVD player 14.8 inches – TSh180,081 – TSh218,280
  • Sony Portable EVD player 23.8 inches – TSh218,280 – TSh243,158
  • Sony Portable DVD player 25.8 inches – TSh224,700 – TSh267,500
  • Sony Portable DVD player 30.8 inches – TSh251,450 – TSh297,193

LG Portable DVDs

  • LG Portable Rechargeable DVD (3D) 12.9 inches – TSh187,250 – TSh218,280
  • LG Portable Rechargeable DVD 13.9 inches – TSh187,250 – TSh218,280

Allwin Portable DVDs

  • Allwin Portable DVD player 7.8 inches HD – TSh105,921 – TSh160,500
  • Allwin Portable DVD player 9.8 inches HD – TSh131,678 – TSh218,280

Although there are a few other brands of Portable DVD Players available, these are some of the few portable DVD players we can guarantee are in Tanzania for purchase at the moment. However, other ones can be gotten outside the country and will be in the same price range as those listed above.

The variation in prices listed above is affected by some factors which include the place and period the portable DVD player is purchased, currency exchange rate at the time of purchase and other similar factors.

Things to consider when buying a portable DVD player

Getting the best portable DVD player for you is not so easy considering how many different brands and models that in the market right now. If you know the basic features to look out for, you should be able to eliminate a substantial number of these and pick the best for you. Here are some of the important factors to consider when buying a portable DVD player.

  • Consider the Screen size and weight – The DVD player size and weight are probably the first aspect one should consider when you want to select a player. Portable DVD players with larger screen sizes will similarly weigh more. The ideal screen size is generally about 7 inches and a little more which makes it handy and easy to carry. While bigger screens give you better clarity, the sets are generally more expensive and are most times weightier. If you will be moving very often from one place to the other, you can get a portable player with a compact screen for easy mobility. However, if you want to enjoy the moment with your family or friends, you should shoot for a somewhat bigger screen for a better viewing experience.
  • Consider the Control mechanism – You need to decide whether you are going for buttons or a touch-sensitive screen. You need to make sure that whichever you go for works properly and will not depreciate over time.
  • Consider the Playback Format – Apart from the standard function of playing DVDs, a number of portable players can support CDs of several formats including MP3s, audio CDs and other similar formats. Some DVD players are even capable of handling images in JPEG format that are saved onto a CD. This allows you to save your photo albums on CDs wherever you go and show your friends when you visit them, while on holiday or at a family gathering, without necessarily carrying a loaded bunch of photo albums.
  • Consider Video Quality – This is also another core factor to consider. It is essential to know the types of video output the DVD player can support. A component video output separates the diverse video signals and maintains high colour conformity and image quality, all of which go to offer a picture of high-quality output. S-video output is another high-quality output alternative that presents an outstanding picture. It is also probable to connect many portable DVD players with RCA phono networks. Make sure to select a portable player with a video output that fits your television. This ensures easy connectivity and a smooth video experience.

Popular Questions and Answers:

Q: Can I connect a portable DVD player to a TV?

A: Yes, many portable DVD players come with an AV output that can be connected to a TV. Simply connect the player to the TV using the included cable, select the AV input on the TV, and start playing the DVD.

Q: Can I use headphones with a portable DVD player?

A: Yes, most portable DVD players have a headphone jack that can be used to connect headphones or earbuds. This is useful for private viewing or for use in quiet environments.

Q: Are there any extra features that come with portable DVD players?

A: Yes, some portable DVD players come with extra features such as a built-in FM radio, a digital TV tuner, or a game console. These features can add extra entertainment options while on the go. However, they may also increase the price of the player.