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Progressive’s Name Your Price Tool: Understanding How it Works

Progressive’s Name Your Price Tool: Understanding How it Works

If you’re on the lookout for insurance coverage, you might have come across Progressive’s Name Your Price tool. It has become a popular option among Tanzanian consumers as it allows them to set their own prices for car insurance policies. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at how the tool works and provide tips on how to use it effectively.

What is Name Your Price?

Name Your Price is a feature from Progressive that enables customers to set their preferred price range for auto insurance. Once they’ve inputted their budget, the system will recommend coverage options according to what they can afford. This flexibility makes it easy for drivers looking for affordable options and is ideal when working with a tight budget.

How Does It Work?

The process of using Name Your Price involves four steps:

1) Enter your information: When you click on “Get a Quote,” you will be prompted to enter various information such as name, address, driver’s license number, and vehicle details.

2) Choose your desired coverage: After providing your details in step one above, fill out the required fields indicating your minimum coverage needs.

3) Set your price range: After selecting your preferred level of protection/coverage or sticking with state minimum requirements; decide how much money which wish to pay each month towards premiums.

4) Receive personalized recommendations: After setting up everything as mentioned above, you receive customized policy packages based on chosen criteria and preferences within seconds. You can then select whichever package fits best depending on preference need.

Tips For Using The Tool

To get the most out of Name Your Price Tool ,here are some helpful tips;

1) Stick To State Minimum Coverage Requirements – This ensures that any time spent searching through combinations of different levels doesn’t go waste.

2) Be Honest With Information – While filling forms or answering questions about driving habits could seem irrelevant but they are crucial in getting accurate quotes.

3) Take Advantage of Discounts – Ensure to mention all available discounts during payment/sales calls as this can significantly reduce premium payments


Name Your Price tool from Progressive offers an innovative approach that helps customers secure auto insurance policies tailored to their budget. The flexibility in setting your preferred price range, obtaining customized policy packages makes life easier for drivers looking for affordable options.
However, It is essential to remember that choosing coverage based on price alone may leave you exposed if any accident occurs. By understanding how the Name-Your-Price Tool works and using it strategically with these tips, users can get the best possible outcomes while considering financial status or current budget.

In summary, with its user-friendly interface and personalized recommendations feature, Progressive’s Name Your Price Tool is a great option for anyone on the market for auto insurance coverage.


What is Progressive’s Name Your Price Tool and how does it work?

Progressive’s Name Your Price Tool is a feature that allows customers to enter the price they want to pay for their insurance policy, which will then be used to generate a customized policy with coverage options that fit within their budget. The tool considers factors such as the customer’s driving record, location, age, and vehicle type when calculating the cost of the policy.

    Is using Progressive’s Name Your Price Tool giving up any coverage or benefits?

    No. Using Name Your Price Tool does not mean you have to give up any necessary coverages or benefits in order to get an affordable insurance rate. The tool simply helps you find a personalized plan that fits within your budget while still meeting your specific needs.

      Can I change my coverage options after using Progressive’s Name Your Price Tool?

      Yes, you can make changes to your coverage options at any time before purchasing your policy from Progressive. After generating initial quotes through Name Your Price Tool and reviewing coverages offered by progressive, you can customize your final selection based on affordability and specific needs beyond the basic level of protection included in default policies generated automatically through the tool.’