PS3 Price in Tanzania

It is easy to see why Sony has become a core part of the gaming world. Sony has not only brought amazing revolution and outstanding creativity into play in the gaming industry; they have also established that they remain a force to reckon with. While their inventions have not only ruled the market over the … Read more

PlayStation 5 Price in Tanzania

When you talk about gaming consoles, it is almost impossible to leave Sony out of the conversation. The company has not only established itself among the most rated gaming console companies in the world, but their gaming products have also cemented their place among the to-haves in the modern gaming world. The PlayStation, the most … Read more

PSP Vita Prices in Tanzania

PSP Vita Prices in Tanzania

PSP Vita is a gaming product from Sony. It is the most recent generation of handheld gaming consoles produced by this company. The PSP Vita console features internet browsing, PS3 integration, social media integration, and online chat. It also supports PS4 integration, multi-player online gaming, and augmented reality. The Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) Vita is … Read more