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Qasa Washing Machine Review & Prices in Tanzania

Getting a washing machine is usually not the problem, knowing a reliable brand to go for can be quite challenging. With so many brands in the washing machine industry today, it has become even more difficult to pick a particular brand. Qasa however, is one of those brands that have proven to be exceptional and highly-rated over the past years. The brand’s washing machines are among the most purchased in the local scene, thanks to their consistent quality and durability.

Qasa Washing Machine Review & Prices in Tanzania

This post take a look at Qasa washing machines available in Tanzania today and how much they go for in the current market.

The Qasa washing machine is a popular household appliance in Tanzania, known for its durability and efficiency. With a variety of models available, there is a Qasa washing machine to fit the needs of any household.

Here are the top 10 models of Qasa washing machines in Tanzania and their estimated prices:

  1. Qasa QWM1200 – TZS 1,500,000 to TZS 1,800,000
  2. Qasa QWM1100 – TZS 1,200,000 to TZS 1,500,000
  3. Qasa QWM1000 – TZS 800,000 to TZS 1,200,000
  4. Qasa QWM900 – TZS 500,000 to TZS 800,000
  5. Qasa QWM800 – TZS 400,000 to TZS 600,000
  6. Qasa QWM700 – TZS 300,000 to TZS 500,000
  7. Qasa QWM600 – TZS 200,000 to TZS 400,000
  8. Qasa QWM500 – TZS 150,000 to TZS 300,000
  9. Qasa QWM400 – TZS 100,000 to TZS 200,000
  10. Qasa QWM300 – TZS 50,000 to TZS 150,000

These prices are an estimate and may vary depending on the location and availability of the washing machine. It is always advisable to compare prices and check for any discounts or promotions before making a purchase.

In terms of performance, the Qasa washing machine has received positive reviews from users. The machines are known for their ability to clean clothes effectively, with the larger models having larger capacities and more advanced features. Additionally, the machines are built with durable materials and have a long lifespan, making them a reliable and cost-effective choice for households.

However, some users have reported issues with the customer service and repair process for the Qasa washing machine. It is important to carefully consider this aspect before making a purchase and to research the warranty and customer service policies for the specific model of interest.

Qasa Washing Machine Review & Prices in Tanzania Unveiled

Qasa washing machines are available in different types and models. The main differences between these models are the capacity of the respective washing machines and their model of operation – whether automatic or semi-automatic. They also vary in design. Let us now take a look at some of the common Qasa washing machine models available in the country and how much they go for.

Qasa Washing Machine – 8.8 kg (Washing Capacity – 5.0 kg – Spinning Capacity – 3.8 kg

Price – TSh261,936 – TSh297,193

  • Washing Capacity: 5 kg
  • Spinning Capacity: 3.8 kg
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • Double Tub
  • Body Design: Plastic Body
  • Additional Features: 3D Jet Pulsator; Lint Filter (Detachable); Collar Scrubber; Transparent Lids; Turbo Spinning System

Qasa Washing Machine – 16.2 kg (Washing Capacity – 10.2 kg – Spinning Capacity – 6 kg)

Price: TSh436,560 – TSh507,501

  • Washing Capacity: 5 kg
  • Spinning Capacity: 3.8 kg
  • Weight: 25 kg
  • Double Tub
  • Body Design: Plastic Body
  • Additional Features: 3D Jet Pulsator; Lint Filter (Detachable); Collar Scrubber; Transparent Lids; Turbo Spinning System

Qasa Washing Machine 5.5 kg Single Tub

Price – TSh172,912 – TSh229,194

  • Washing Capacity: 5.5 kg
  • Rated washing Power: 300 W
  • Power Voltage: 230V 50Hz
  • Body Design: Plastic Body
  • Additional Features: 3D Jet Pulsator; Transparent Lids; Over-load protection

Qasa Washing Machine 7 kg Single Tub

Price – TSh230,050 – TSh267,500

  • Washing Capacity: 7 kg
  • Weight: 9.8 kg
  • Rated washing Power: 350W
  • Body Design: Plastic Body
  • Additional Features: 3D Jet Pulsator; Lint Filter (Detachable); Collar Scrubber; Transparent Lids; Over-load protection

It should be noted that the list above does not highlight all Qasa washing machines. As stated above, the mentioned models are the common and most sought after Qasa washing machines in Tanzania today. The ones stated are also the most accessible and are readily available across the country.

The prices are as gathered in the current market and are largely reliable. However, it is advisable for potential buyers to confirm the exact amount the products go for before buying. The variation in the prices listed above is a result of some factors which include the place of purchase, the period of purchase, and more importantly, the currency exchange rate at the period of purchase. As earlier stated, Qasa washing machines, just like many other popular brands, are readily available in Tanzania. They can be bought directly from brand manufacturers or local distributors across the country. They are also available in online gadget stores and contemporary suppliers.

Things You Will Like About Qasa Washing Machines

Durability – One of the standout features of all Qasa washing machines is their durability. Based on various customer reviews over the years, Qasa washing machine can be used for a very long time without dip in quality and overall delivery. Although washing machines are generally durable, there are some brands that are not so reliable. Qasa washing machines are among those type that are also very easy to maintain. They are built with materials that withstand water well and do not easily rust, making them very solid for many years.

Great Features – Qasa washing machines boasts loads of great features. Their control knobs used to regulate the entire operation of the machines are easy to adjust and control. Most of their washing machines also feature buzzers that notifies the user whenever the timer is up.

They are Efficient – when it comes to efficiency, Qasa easily competes with even the very best washing machine brands in the industry. The brand has not just being “tested and trusted” by many, they offer almost everything you’d require of standard and efficient washing machines. They have been appreciated by many reviewers in this category and rightly so.

Less Noise – Another core factor one should consider when buying a washing machine is how noisy it gets when in use. With Qasa, this wouldn’t be a problem. Most Qasa washing machines do not make disturbing noise when in use. Provided they are maintained properly, they are less noisy than many other washing machine in the market today. This is another factor they have impressed with over the years.

Value for Money – While Qasa washing machines are not the cheapest in their respective categories, they are also not the most expensive. Considering the efficiency and other top-features, one can conveniently be satisfied with the overall efficiency output ad delivery of the washing machines.

They Come in Various Types – Qasa washing machines come in different types and grades. Their washing machines are available in different sizes and designs. Depending on the type you want you can go for one that is a top loader or front loader washing machines. There are also ones that come as twin-tub and others come as single-tub.