Thermocool Deep Freezer Prices in Tanzania

If you are looking to purchase a deep freezer, you don’t necessarily have to study all the deep freezer brands on the market. You will get overwhelmed considering the huge number of models available. Hence, it is always safer to go for a reputable brand with lovely customer reviews and outstanding features. One of these … Read more

Chest Freezer Prices in Tanzania

Chest Freezer Prices in Tanzania

Chest freezers are more commonly referred to as “deep freezers” in Tanzania. These pieces of equipment have become very important in homes and some businesses in Tanzania today. For example, if you run a provision store, sell drinks, run a restaurant, or sell groceries, you need a chest freezer. Before starting a business or purchasing … Read more

Price of Hisense Fridges in Tanzania

Tanzanians have their pick of Hisense’s many different refrigerator models and sizes. A Hisense refrigerator may cost anywhere from 600,000 Tanzanian shillings to as much as 5,000,000 shillings. Energy economy, durability, and cutting-edge technologies like frost-free chilling and multi-air flow systems are just a few of the reasons to choose a Hisense refrigerator. These refrigerators … Read more

Refrigerator Prices in Tanzania

If you are looking for prices of various brands of refrigerators in Tanzania, you have come to the right place. As you probably already know, the several types, sizes and brands of refrigerators in the market today can be overwhelming. Gone are the days you can walk to the market to just pick a fridge. … Read more