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Soldering Iron Prices in Tanzania

Soldering irons are very important tools for people that carry out electrical works. These important pieces of equipment come in different brands and sizes. Before you purchase one, it is important to find out how much they cost on the market.

Soldering iron is an essential tool for anyone involved in electronics repair or DIY projects. It is used for joining two metals together by heating them to a temperature that causes them to melt and flow together. In Tanzania, there are various types and brands of soldering irons available, each with its price and benefits. In this article, we will provide you with the top 10 soldering iron prices in Tanzania, their benefits, and answer some popular questions about soldering iron prices.

Top 10 Soldering Iron Prices in Tanzania

  1. 30W Soldering Iron – Tshs 10,000
  2. 40W Soldering Iron – Tshs 12,000
  3. 60W Soldering Iron – Tshs 15,000
  4. 80W Soldering Iron – Tshs 20,000
  5. 100W Soldering Iron – Tshs 25,000
  6. 150W Soldering Iron – Tshs 30,000
  7. Digital Soldering Iron – Tshs 50,000
  8. Portable Soldering Iron – Tshs 70,000
  9. Temperature Controlled Soldering Iron – Tshs 90,000
  10. Soldering Station – Tshs 150,000

Benefits of Soldering Irons

  1. High heat output for efficient soldering.
  2. Quick heating time, reducing the waiting time before use.
  3. Low power consumption and energy-efficient.
  4. Lightweight and easy to use.
  5. Durable and long-lasting with proper care and maintenance.

So here’s the question, “how much does a soldering iron cost in Tanzania?” We intend to answer this question in this post. Let’s get started.

Prices of Soldering Irons in Tanzania

As we mentioned above, there are several brands, types, and sizes of soldering irons on the market. People purchase this tool for both personal and commercial use. Regardless of your purpose, knowing the price is important.

We have done all the homework on your behalf by surveying the market. After checking both online and offline stores, we have come up with a list of products and prices for you. Check them out below.

Rework Soldering Station Of Aida 852ad + Hot Air & Iron – 2 In 1 Welder Spares – 3 Nozzles – TSh135,088 – TSh160,500


  • Air: Brushless Portable Engine and Heat System
  • Capacity: 24L/min (Max.)
  • Hot Air Temperature: 100 to 480C
  • Leakage Voltage of Iron Tip: <0.5mV
  • Outer Dimensions: 187 (W) x 150 (H) x 245 (D) mm
  • Power Consumption: 270W (Max.)
  • Power Voltage: 220V AC or 110V
  • Standard Iron Tip: AT-900M
  • Tip of Iron Temperature: 200 to 480C

A & S 60-watt Soldering Iron – TSh16,211 – TSh26,750


  • Strong acidic flux
  • Output power: 60 watts
  • Hot Air Temperature: 100 to 480C
  • Leakage Voltage of Iron Tip: <0.5mV
  • Outer Dimensions: 187 (W) x 150 (H) x 245 (D) mm
  • Power Consumption: 270W (Max.)
  • Power Voltage: 220V AC or 110V

Soldering Iron and De-soldering Pump – TSh13,643 – TSh21,828


  • 60W Soldering Iron
  • Piolt light indicator
  • Free solder included
  • High-quality soldering kit
  • De-soldering pump with high-vacuum force

Blow Torch Soldering Iron Pen – TSh49,113 – TSh64,200


  • 1 x Hot Cutter Head
  • 1 x Soldering Iron Pen (Gas isn’t included)
  • 1 x Welding Tip
  • Color: Silver + Black
  • Filling Capacity: 12ml
  • Flame Temperature: 1300 degree Celsius
  • Material: Metal + Plastic
  • Size (Dia x L): Approx. 1.9 x 16.7cm / 0.75 x 6.57inch
  • Solder Iron Temperature Range: 250-450 degrees Celsius
  • Weight: Approx. 85g

Quick Heat Soldering Gun 20w / 200W –TSh24,557 – TSh32,742


  • Model TQ-77
  • Voltage 220-240V AC 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption High 200W / Low 20W
  • Insulation Resistance Over 100MΩ (500V DC)
  • Heater Ceramic Heater
  • Power Cord Length 1.5m
  • Length 167mm
  • Weight 90g
  • Accessories Soldering Iron Tip (TQ-77RT-B)
  • Compact and Light
  • Easy to use.
  • Two-Stage Heat-Switch System
  • High Power Ceramic Heater
  • Ergonomic Grip Prevents Fatigue

LCD Soldering Station Hot Air Gun – ICS SMD De-solder – TSh59,439 – TSh75,649


  • Hot air gun
  • ICS SMD de-solder
  • Power consumption: 110v/220v 220w
  • 4 nozzles
  • Compact design
  • Easy to use and carry
  • High-quality engine
  • High-quality heating elements
  • LCD
  • Working temperature: less than 450°C

Soldering Iron 60W & Soldering Lead Support Stand Station – TSh18,725 – TSh26,750


  • Soldering iron
  • Soldering lead support stand station
  • Soldering iron cleaning sponge
  • Strong and stable steel plates
  • Material tray

60W Electric Soldering Iron Kit Temperature Welding Tool – TSh26,750 – TSh42,800


  • 5 x Replaceable Tips (I/3C/4C/K/2.4D)
  • Brand: Mustool
  • Cable Length: 150cm
  • Model: MT223
  • MT223 Electric Soldering Iron
  • Plug Type: US / EU (Optional)
  • Power: 60W
  • Soldering Iron Length: 22cm
  • Temperature: 200-450oC Adjustable
  • Voltage: US plug: 110V; EU plug: 220V

220V 60W Adjustable Temperature Electric Soldering Iron Kit – TSh28,099 – TSh40,928


  • Adjustable Temp. Range: 200~450 Celsius (392~842 Fahrenheit)
  • Carry Case Size: 26 x 15 x 4.3cm / 10.2 x 5.9 x 1.7″ (L x W x H)
  • Easy to Storage
  • Easy to Use
  • Energy-saving and Eco-friendly
  • Heat Up Quickly
  • Item Color: As shown
  • Material: Iron
  • More energy saving
  • Net Weight: 0.47kg / 16.6oz
  • Power Cable Length: Approx. 1.4m / 4.6ft
  • Power: 60W
  • Quantity: 1 set
  • Soldering Iron Size: 2.4 x 19cm / 0.9 x 7.5″ (D x H)
  • Type: 8 in 1 Soldering Iron set
  • Working Voltage: 220V

100W Double Tube Soldering Iron Tip Soldering Gun – TSh49,220 – TSh62,756


  • Blister Package
  • Color: Grey
  • Cooling time: 48s
  • Heating time: 10s
  • Input voltage: 220-240V
  • Material: Plastic
  • Package Size: 260 x 185 x 50mm/10.14 x 7.22 x 1.95in
  • Package Weight: 700g/1.54lb
  • Plug: EU plug
  • Rated frequency: 100W
  • Rated Frequency: 50 – 60Hz
  • Voltage regulation range: 220V
  • Wire length 1.3m

5V 8W Replacement Electric Soldering Iron For USB Powered – TSh5,350 – TSh10,914


  • 5V 8W Electric Soldering Iron
  • USB-powered
  • 1 soldering iron tip

How to maintain your soldering iron

You know how much a soldering iron costs, that’s great. Now, let’s show you a few soldering iron maintenance tips.

Make use of high-quality solder

Many people prefer to save money by purchasing cheap solder. If you fall into this category, you should stop it. Why? Poor quality solder contains impurities that prevent the soldering iron from transferring heat efficiently. Always purchase high-quality solder.

Clean the iron tips

When you clean the iron tips, they produce quality results when soldering. Always get rid of any grease on the iron before soldering. You can do this with a clean rag dipped in some denatured alcohol.

Make use of flux

Flux is a substance that gets rid of oxidation. It is important to note that you shouldn’t dip your iron tips in flux directly. The flux should be used to treat oxidation on the solder.

Store the tips with care

Finally, ensure that you put your tips away carefully. Never leave them lying around carelessly. Also, ensure that the tips that you use fit your soldering iron perfectly.

Popular Questions about Soldering Iron Prices in Tanzania

  1. What is the average price of a soldering iron in Tanzania? The average price of a soldering iron in Tanzania ranges from Tshs 10,000 to Tshs 150,000, depending on the wattage, brand, and features.
  2. Which type of soldering iron is the best for beginners? For beginners, a 30W to 40W soldering iron is recommended as they are easy to use and are suitable for most DIY projects.
  3. How do I choose the right soldering iron for my needs? Consider the wattage, temperature control, durability, and brand reputation when choosing a soldering iron. Additionally, think about the kind of projects you will be working on and choose a soldering iron that is appropriate for those projects.


That’s it for the prices of soldering irons in Tanzania. We have also shown you a few soldering iron maintenance tips. A soldering iron is a necessary tool for anyone involved in electronics repair or DIY projects. With the wide variety of options available in Tanzania, it is essential to consider the price, benefits, and features before making a purchase. We hope this article has provided you with the information you need to make an informed decision when purchasing a soldering iron in Tanzania.