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Stabilizer Prices in Tanzania

Stabilizers are essential electrical components that regulate the voltage supply to ensure stable and safe operation of electrical appliances. In Tanzania, stabilizer prices can vary widely depending on various factors such as brand, type, and features.

In Tanzania, power supply is often unreliable, and power fluctuations can damage electronic devices. Stabilizers help protect electronic devices from these power fluctuations by regulating the voltage supply. As a result, stabilizers have become an important component of many households and businesses in Tanzania. However, the prices of stabilizers vary depending on several factors, including the capacity, brand, and features. In this article, we will look at the top 10 stabilizers available in Tanzania, their prices, benefits, and frequently asked questions.

Top 10 Stabilizers in Tanzania:

  1. Microtek EM4170 Voltage Stabilizer: Price – TSH 135,000
  2. V-Guard VG Crystal Voltage Stabilizer: Price – TSH 190,000
  3. APC LE1200I Voltage Stabilizer: Price – TSH 300,000
  4. Blue Gate BG3400 Voltage Stabilizer: Price – TSH 185,000
  5. Mercury Elite 1000VA Voltage Stabilizer: Price – TSH 140,000
  6. Luminous Voltage Stabilizer: Price – TSH 175,000
  7. Genus Voltage Stabilizer: Price – TSH 180,000
  8. Prag Voltage Stabilizer: Price – TSH 220,000
  9. Evergood Automatic Voltage Stabilizer: Price – TSH 145,000
  10. Eastman Voltage Stabilizer: Price – TSH 155,000

Benefits of Stabilizers:

  1. Protection of electronic devices from power fluctuations and surges.
  2. Extended lifespan of electronic devices.
  3. Improved performance of electronic devices.
  4. Peace of mind for users.

There are two main types of stabilizers available in the Tanzanian market: the manual stabilizer and the automatic stabilizer. Manual stabilizers are simple devices that require manual adjustment of the voltage output based on the input voltage. They are typically less expensive than automatic stabilizers, making them a popular choice for budget-conscious consumers. On the other hand, automatic stabilizers are equipped with a control circuit that automatically adjusts the voltage output to the desired level, providing a more stable and consistent voltage supply. These devices are typically more expensive than manual stabilizers, but are also more convenient and offer better performance.

The price of stabilizers also depends on the brand and model. Local brands typically offer lower prices, but may not provide the same level of performance and reliability as international brands. International brands like LG, Samsung, and Voltguard offer high-quality stabilizers at a premium price. However, these brands also offer a range of stabilizers to suit different budgets and requirements.

The features of stabilizers can also affect their prices. For example, stabilizers with a higher voltage range, longer warranty periods, or advanced features like short circuit protection, overload protection, and high/low voltage cutoff are typically more expensive. However, these features are important to ensure the stability and safety of the electrical system, and can be worth the extra cost for consumers who require a reliable voltage supply.

Stabilizer prices in Tanzania can vary widely depending on the type, brand, and features. Consumers should carefully consider their requirements and budget when choosing a stabilizer, as the right stabilizer can provide stable and safe voltage supply, protecting their electrical appliances and ensuring a stable and consistent power supply.

Stabilizers have become very important pieces of equipment in homes and offices these days. How much does it cost to own a stabilizer in Tanzania today? Continue reading this post to find out. We will also show you the top stabilizers on the Tanzanian market today and their key features.

Stabilizer Prices in Tanzania

There are different brands of stabilizers in Tanzania today. These different brands provide customers with different sizes of stabilizers. Each size of stabilizer comes with a different specification. We have checked the prices of the most popular stabilizer products on then and put them together in the list below:

Binatone Stabilizer Prices

  • Binatone Digital Voltage Stabilizer DVS-5000: TSh374,463 – TSh535,000
  • Binatone STABILIZER- DVS-2000: TSh215,600 – TSh261,936
  • Binatone Digital Voltage Stabilizer DVS-5001: TSh378,191 – TSh409,586
  • Binatone Digital Voltage Stabilizer DVS-2001: TSh200,218 – TSh245,030
  • Binatone STABILIZER- DVS-5000: TSh433,286 – TSh452,931

Blue Gate Stabilizer Prices

  • Blue Gate 2kva Relay Automatic Voltage Stabilizer – Input 100v-280v: TSh119,305 – TSh133,750
  • Blue Gate 2000VA Stabilizer: TSh125,506 – TSh154,000
  • Blue Gate UPS 650VA – BG653: TSh119,807
  • Blue Gate 5KVA Stabilizer: TSh304,950
  • Blue Gate 100% Genuine 1kva Relay Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (1000VA): TSh117,053 – TSh190,995
  • Blue Gate 2000VA Stabilizer: TSh300,135
  • Blue Gate BLUE GATE 5000KVA AUTOMATIC VOLTAGE REGULATOR: TSh355,010 – TSh368,894

Century Stabilizer Prices

  • Century Automatic Voltage Stabilizer -1000VA: TSh84,584 – TSh90,041
  • Century Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (CVR TUB 5000VA): TSh272,305 – TSh318,807
  • Century 3000W TUB Stabilizer – Blue: TSh192,600 – TSh214,000
  • Century 3000VA Automatic Voltage Stabilizer CVR-TUB: TSh240,750 – TSh480,912
  • Century Automatic Voltage Stabilizer- 5000VA: TSh304,950 – TSh318,807
  • Century 1500w Automatic Voltage Power Regulator Stabilizer: TSh190,995
  • Century CVR-TUB 1000VA Automatic Voltage Regulator Stabilizer: TSh103,678 – TSh240,750
  • Century 3000W Stabilizer: TSh326,875
  • Century Automatic Voltage Regulator/Stabilizer: TSh164,807 – TSh190,995
  • Century 2000 Watts Stabilizer (Automatic Voltage Regulator): TSh192,600 – TSh240,750
  • Century 2000W TUB 2KVA Stabilizer: TSh187,197 – TSh197,950
  • Century Automatic Voltage Stabilizer CVR-TUB 2000VA: TSh152,796
  • Century 1000W Automatic Voltage Regulator/stabilizer: TSh90,041
  • Century Automatic Voltage Stabilizer CVR-TUB 1000VA: TSh136,371 – TSh172,912
  • Century 1000W Automatic Voltage Stabilizer – CVR-TUB 1000VA: TSh96,300
  • Century 1500W Automatic Power Regulator Stabilizer: TSh347,750
  • Century 3000W TUB 3KVA Stabilizer: TSh232,346 – TSh270,175
  • Century Automatic Voltage Stabilizer -1000VA: TSh190,995
  • Century 1000W Automatic Voltage Regulator Stabilizer: TSh223,737
  • Century Stabilizer CVR TUB1500 VA: TSh153,010
  • Century 3000Watt Automatic Voltage Regulator-Stabilizer: TSh240,750
  • Century Stabilizer CVR-TUB3000VA: TSh272,337 – TSh347,750
  • Century Wall Mounted 5000W Automatic Voltage Stabilizer: TSh318,807 – TSh378,245
  • Century Wall Mountable Automatic Voltage Regulator 2000w: TSh240,750
  • Century Stabilizer-CVR-TUB5000VA: TSh338,388 – TSh347,750
  • Century Stabilizer CVR-TUB1500VA: TSh157,290
  • Century 5000VA Micro Processor Controlled Automatic Voltage Regulator: TSh378,245
  • Century 2000W Automatic Voltage Regulator/ Wall Mount: TSh369,150 – TSh390,550
  • Century Automatic Voltage Stabilizer: TSh190,995 – TSh214,000

Duravolt Stabilizer Prices

  • Duravolt DV 2000VA Relay Automatic Voltage Stabilizer: TSh102,613 – TSh133,750
  • Duravolt 1KVA Automatic Voltage Stabilizer (AVR) -1000watts Stabilizer: TSh73,731 – TSh127,689
  • Duravolt DV 5000va (5kva) Relay Automatic Voltage Stabilizer: TSh304,415 – TSh369,150
  • Duravolt DV 1000VA Relay Automatic Voltage Stabilizer: TSh75,649 – TSh80,250
  • Duravolt DV 5000va (5kva) Relay Automatic Voltage Stabilizer: TSh240,750
  • Duravolt Automatic Voltage Regulator (1000v): TSh100,404 – TSh206,275
  • Duravolt – 1000W Stabilizer: TSh197,945 – TSh324,205
  • Duravolt Automatic Voltage Regulator (1000v): TSh316,506

Note that the prices of these products change very frequently due to several factors. We will be on the lookout for price changes and update this post when necessary. With this out of the way, let’s discuss the top stabilizer products in Tanzania.

Top Stabilizer Products in Tanzania

As we stated above, there are several stabilizer brands in the Tanzanian market. Some of them are household names while others are quite unpopular. In this section, we will show you some of the top stabilizer products on the Tanzanian market today.

Qasa Stabilizer 5000 VA

Key features:

  • Input: 100- 280V AC 50 HZ
  • Output: 230V AC 50 Hz
  • Twin digital meter
  • Stability: ± 5%
  • Extra handle
  • Overload protection
  • Capacity: 5000W
  • Multifunctional sockets
  • Replaceable fuse protection

Century 5000 Watts Tub 5KVA Stabilizer

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 5000VA
  • Analog meter
  • Time Delay button
  • Output: 230V 50 Hz
  • Complete output regulation
  • Compatible features for air conditioners (split unit) and large chest freezers.

AVR1000 Nexus Voltage Regulator – 1000VA

Key features:

  • Wide range voltage: 100V-260V.
  • High output voltage protection.
  • Resettable circuit breaker.
  • Input and Output display.
  • Low input voltage protection.
  • Delay and Underlay function.

Blue Gate 5KVA Stabilizer

Key features:

  • Voltage: 5000VA.
  • 98% efficiency.
  • Wide input voltage range.
  • Input and output voltage meter display.
  • High-temperature protection.
  • Overload protection.
  • Circuit breaker.
  • Low output voltage protection.
  • Overvoltage protection.
  • High output voltage protection.

Mercury 10KVA Single Phase Stabilizer

Key features:

  • Phase: single
  • Input voltage: 160-250/70-130
  • Output voltage: 220±3% with 110±3%
  • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Response time: with 1 second against 10% input voltage deviation

Mercury 2KVA AVR Stabilizer

Key features:

  • Voltage protection function
  • Delay time selection
  • High rate performance
  • Input voltage: 100-270V AC
  • Output voltage: 220 ±8%
  • Efficiency: >98%
  • Sort circuit protection: Fuse
  • Temperature: 0°C – 40°C
  • Panel display: Analogue Meter
  • Communication; RS232/USB

Binatone Wall Mount Stabilizer WMS-2000

Key features:

  • Wall mounting features
  • Power: 2000VA
  • Input voltage range: 110-280V
  • Output: 230V
  • USB port to charge mobile phones, power banks, and other accessories.
  • Accurate output regulation.
  • Default delay time: 6 secs (180secs if delay mode is selected).
  • 110V socket for connecting 110V appliances.
  • Full protection against high voltage, low voltage, high temperature, and short circuits.

Prag 15KVA Relay Voltage Stabilizer

Key features:

  • Compatible with home appliances, office equipment, and general use.
  • Power: 15VA
  • Input voltage range: 95V-280V
  • Output voltage: 220V ±4V
  • Low and over-voltage protection.
  • Wall-mounted
  • LED display
  • Technology: Relay control and Toroidal Transformer System
  • Digital control
  • Delay time: Short delay (3-5 seconds)
  • Phase: Single

Prag 20VA Relay Voltage Stabilizer

Key features:

  • Central stabilizing features for all kinds of appliances.
  • Compatible with air conditioners, freezers, fridges, TVs, pumping machines, printers, washing machines, etc.
  • Power 20VA
  • Efficiency: >97%
  • Input voltage range: 95V-280V
  • Output voltage: 220V ±10V
  • Display: LED digital display
  • Overvoltage protection: AC246 ±4V
  • Technology: Relay control and Toroidal Transformer System
  • Phase: Single
  • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Blue Gate 2KVA Stabilizer

Key features:

  • Ambient temperature: -10°C to 40°C
  • Input/output setting: Plug/ Socket
  • Input voltage range: 100VAC-260VAC
  • Under-voltage and over-voltage protection
  • Classic series, El transformer, relay type
  • Output voltage range: 200-240V (Empty load)
  • Circuit breaker
  • Dimension: (D x W x H) mm: 265 x 125 x 155

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the cost of the most affordable stabilizer in Tanzania?

A: The most affordable stabilizer in Tanzania is the Mercury Elite 1000VA Voltage Stabilizer, which costs TSH 140,000.

Q: What is the most expensive stabilizer in Tanzania?

A: The most expensive stabilizer in Tanzania is the APC LE1200I Voltage Stabilizer, which costs TSH 300,000.

In conclusion, stabilizers are important components for protecting electronic devices from power fluctuations and surges in Tanzania. The prices of stabilizers vary depending on several factors, including the capacity, brand, and features. The top 10 stabilizers in Tanzania and their prices have been highlighted in this article, alongside their benefits and frequently asked questions. With the right stabilizer, users can protect their electronic devices, extend their lifespan, and improve their performance, resulting in greater peace of mind.