Sunday Ticket Price in Tanzania: Latest Updates

Sunday Ticket Price in Tanzania: Latest Updates

If you’re planning to travel around Tanzania, one of the essential things you need is a ticket. Finding tickets for flights or buses on a Sunday can be challenging, especially during peak seasons. However, Tanzanian Price has got your back with the latest updates on Sunday ticket prices in Tanzania.


When it comes to flying within Tanzania or from one country to another on a Sunday, there are several airlines to choose from. Here are some of the latest updates on flight ticket prices this year:

  • Precision Air: Depending on where you’re traveling from and where an airline flies direct or not, Precision Air’s newest round trip flights vary between TZS 240,000 ($103) – TZS 1,250,000 ($538)
  • Fastjet: The low-cost airline offers one-way trips starting at TZS 102500 ($44), depending on your destination.

Remember that these airfare rates can vary significantly based mostly as demand fluctuates and different sales promotions arise.


Traveling by bus remains a popular way of getting around in Tanzania; most locals use this mode of transportation frequently. However, finding seats at reasonable prices might require some digging particularly if you’re travelling long distances outside major cities.We update regular fares for buses like Dar Express pricing start at Tshs25K/ $11 while Nordic Coach Services (NCS) could cost about tsh50K/$22.

Additionally,bus booking platforms such as Nishati Booking allow people who want to buy Sunday tickets online and pick up their tickets later conveniently from various destinations nationwide including Arusha,Dodoma,Tanga,Mwanza e.t.c

Tanzanian Sundays may offer less busy schedules thus making it cheaper compared to other days.No matter what day you book your bus ride,ticket price comparison should always come handy among trusted reliable providers which is when websites like Tanzanian Price come to play.

Tips for Finding Affordable Sunday Tickets in Tanzania

  • Book your tickets as early as possible
  • Compare prices from different airlines and transportation companies.
  • Look out for discounts, flash sales, or promotional codes.
  • Consider alternative travel dates if you’re flexible with your schedule.


Whether you are flying or traveling by bus on a Sunday in Tanzania, there is always a way to find the best price that suits your budget. Keep an eye out for updates and promotions from trusted sources like Tanzanian Price. With these latest updates on Sunday ticket prices in Tanzania, you can make informed decisions whether you’re travelling domestically or internationally!


Q: What is the current price for Sunday Ticket in Tanzania?
A: The price for Sunday Ticket can vary depending on the service provider. However, as of August 2021, the average price range is between TZS 10,000 to TZS 50,000.

Q: Can I purchase Sunday Ticket online in Tanzania?
A: Yes, many service providers offer online purchasing options for their customers. You can check their websites or download their mobile apps to buy and activate your subscription.

Q: Is there a free trial period available for Sunday Ticket in Tanzania?
A: Some service providers offer a few days of free trial period to new subscribers. However, this may not be applicable at all times and may vary from one provider to another. It’s best to check with your preferred service provider regarding any ongoing promotional offers they have for new subscribers.

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