Tanzania All-Inclusive Cruise Experience: MSC Drinks Package Prices

Tanzania All-Inclusive Cruise Experience: MSC Drinks Package Prices

Are you planning a cruise vacation in Tanzania and wondering how much it would cost to have an all-inclusive experience? Look no further than the MSC Drinks Package! Here, we break down everything you need to know about this package, its prices, and the benefits it offers.

What is the MSC Drinks Package?

The MSC Drinks Package is an all-inclusive beverage package offered by MSC Cruises for guests on board their ships. It provides unlimited beverages such as wine, beer, cocktails, soda drinks as well as mineral water in various categories around-the-clock onboard.

What are the benefits of the MSC Drinks Package?

The main benefit of purchasing the MSC drinks package is that it allows you to enjoy unlimited beverages while cruising. This means that you don’t have to worry about paying for individual drinks or exceeding your budget with unexpected expenses during your trip.

Additionally, having an all-inclusive drink package ensures that there are no limits or restrictions on which beverages you can order based on your budget allowance. You’ll also enjoy discounted pricing when compared to buying each drink separately throughout your voyage without compromising quality.

How Much Does The MSP Packages Cost In Tanzania

MSC’s Drink packages vary depending on what category of experience one chooses under Bella -the most affordable option & Fantastica -mid-range or higher experiences like Wellness , Aurea & Yacht Club which offer exclusive perks-like discounts at certain spas and restaurants etc. For Tanzanian customers specifically who want access only within themselves , endless alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks options come at a fixed price between $22-$58 a day per person.

It’s worth noting that prices may vary depending upon time of year-Tanzania has high tourist seasons from June through September where prices might increase slightly Or December into January-early new year.

Here’s a breakdown of different packages available for Tanzanian customers:

  • Cheers:
    Unlimited consumption of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks (house wine, beer, soft drinks, mineral water and hot beverages).
    Price: $22 per day per person under Bella Experience

  • Premium Package:
    Includes a wide selection of premium brands etc with access to a wider range of drinks
    Price: $31-34 per day per person depending on package chosen under any experience category.

  • Premium Plus Package:
    Includes premium spirits & wines along with niche alcoholic selections.
    Price: $40-$42 depending on package chosen & experience level.

  • Non-Alcoholic Cocktails and Long Drinks Package provides unlimited non-alcoholic specialty cocktails like pina coladas or strawberry daiquiris without alcohol content.

Final thoughts

If you’re planning a cruise trip in Tanzania, the MSC Drinks Package is a great way to enjoy an all-inclusive beverage service throughout your vacation. By paying for this package upfront, you can relax knowing there won’t be any unexpected expenses that could put pressure on your budget during the voyage. Do note that when buying drink packages from MSC Cruises even though it offers discount compared to total amount spent individually but it should only be taken if priced properly by calculating how much you would realistically drink daily otherwise individual purchase will be more economical .


What is included in the MSC Drinks Package for Tanzania all-inclusive cruise experience?

Answer: The MSC Drinks Package includes unlimited non-alcoholic beverages such as soft drinks, mineral water, and hot drinks (coffee and tea) throughout the day along with a variety of alcoholic beverages like beer, wine by the glass, selected spirits and cocktails.

    How much does the MSC Drinks Package cost for Tanzania All-Inclusive Cruise Experience?

    Answer: Prices for the MSC Drinks package varies based on duration of your cruise – 3 nights or more at approximately $35 per person per day whilst children aged under 21 years are free to drink select non-alcoholic beverages from the Kids’ Club menu. However exclusive premium brands are not part of this package but can be purchased separately.

      Can I pre-book my MSC Drink Packages before sailing on Tanzania All-Inclusive Cruise Experience?

      Yes! Pre-booking packages online ahead of voyage could save you up to 15%, ensuring that there’s no disruption to your fun-filled days once onboard as all-inclusive guests have priority over those who have not booked it in advance. The pricing starts at approximately $29 per night/per adult depending on level preference chosen ranging from Easy Packaged plan which includes only lunch & dinner house wines plus beers served during these meals OR Premium Beverage Plus Plan offering greater choice & availability inclusive of most popular branded drinks including hard liquor choices plus specialty coffees & sodas consumed throughout the ship around the clock until midnight daily.

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