10KVA Generator Prices in Tanzania

10KVA Generator Prices in Tanzania

To enjoy the best of power supply in a country like Tanzania, having a generator is a necessity. Apart from the fact that power in the voltage supplied in major parts of the country cannot be depended on, sometimes, there is a total blackout. This has not only affected business, it can also be frustrating … Read more

Best Baby Cereals in Tanzania & Prices

Providing your baby with healthy food is very important. Babies shouldn’t just eat any kind of cereal, it should be healthy for them. The question that begs an answer is what is the best cereal for babies in Tanzania and how much does it cost? We will answer this question in this post. Continue reading. … Read more

1500L Water Tank Prices in Tanzania

Having a water storage tank is very important. Apart from the fact that this helps ensure constant running water, the tanks help safely preserve water and make water available when needed. These tanks also help seamless distribution of water to various channels. When it comes to storing water in Tanzania, 1500L water tanks are a … Read more

Drone Camera Prices in Tanzania

What comes to your mind when you hear “drones”? Some war equipment? Some mighty scientific monitoring equipment? Given the contexts in which drones have been used over the years, you’d be forgiven to have thought the name meant more than it actually is. Drone cameras are some wonderful equipment that are useful for a lot … Read more

Bag Making Materials in Tanzania & Prices

Bag Making Materials and Prices in Tanzania

Whether you make bags to pass time or as a commercial activity, there are certain materials you need for the process. Without these materials, it is impossible to achieve your goal of making bags. Bag making is a popular business in Tanzania, and the right materials can make all the difference in creating a quality … Read more

Phone Accessories Business in Tanzania & Starting Costs

Phone Accessories Business in Tanzania & Starting Costs

Starting a phone accessories business in Tanzania can cost anywhere from TZS 500,000 to TZS 5,000,000 or more, depending on the scale and type of products you plan to sell. Some of the major expenses include purchasing inventory, renting a storefront, marketing and advertising, and paying for licenses and permits. You may also need to … Read more