4K TV Prices in Tanzania

4K TV Prices in Tanzania

Tired of boring and regular TV experience? It is time for you to try 4K TVs. 4K TVs not only represent a new age for viewers in terms of the viewing experience, but it also marks an outstanding plus in the technology world. 4K TVs offer a clearer and more detailed view of pictures and … Read more

TCL TV Prices in Tanzania

Technology is moving at a very fast pace and our TVs aren’t left behind. Once upon a time, we had TVs that had sliding doors. Today, we have TVs that can surf the internet among other things. TCL is one of the top smart TV brands on the Tanzanian market today. There are so many … Read more

Samsung 32-inch LED TV Prices in Tanzania

One fact has been established in the gadget industry in Tanzania, with Samsung, you can never be wrong. The popular multi-section brand has since its establishment, developed a huge reputation in the market with top quality products and customer services. When it comes to innovation, creativity, designs and overall gadget efficiency, it is usually hard … Read more

Samsung Smart TV Prices in Tanzania

If you still think televisions are only viewing electronics, then you probably still live in the 19th century, or even way older. The advance in technology has touched all spheres of life, including electronic gadgets. Gone are the days when televisions are used to view programs and happenings around the world. Thanks to technology, televisions … Read more

3D TV Prices in Tanzania

Have you even been in a situation where you are seeing a movie or a football match and just feel like being inside the TV or wishing you can see the actions from every possible view beyond the regular two dimensions? 3D TVs make that possible for you to be in your room and feel … Read more

LG 22 & 32-inch LED TV Prices in Tanzania

It is very easy to get lost in the world of television these days. The various types, brands and sizes available in the market today are so much that you can literarily get confused and frustrated. The advancement of technology has been wonderfully embraced, and with new models and types of televisions been released every … Read more

Apple TV Prices in Tanzania

Apple needs no introduction. Right from their classy logo down to their innovative and absolutely fascinating products, no one can doubt the completeness and the absolute quality of the brand. Since their establishment some decades ago, the brand has always been on the up and from the products they introduce to the market every year, … Read more

OLED TV Prices in Tanzania

The gadget market today boasts of various types of televisions. While some have been in existence for ages, modern high-tech televisions have been introduced in recent times. The days when there were just one or two types of televisions are long gone. Thanks to technology, people now have various types of televisions to choose from. … Read more

Curved TV Prices in Tanzania

When curved TVs were introduced to the Tanzanian market over a decade ago, a lot of TV lovers embraced the innovation. The concept was unique and has been a huge success. The only limitation at that time was the thought of how expensive the TVs were. I mean, compared to flat TVs, curved TVs are … Read more

LED TV Prices in Tanzania

There was a time not too long ago when there was only one known type of television. Those times, buying a television was pretty easy; you can stroll to the market, request for a TV brand, buy the size you want and zoom home. Today, things have become more complicated than that, even if you … Read more

Skyworth TV Prices in Tanzania

In Tanzania, I have noticed we tend to get carried away by trends. We follow the most popular brands and only rate the “tested and trusted” manufacturers. In the gadget world, much focus is placed on the likes of LG, Samsung, Sony and other top level and popular brands. However, there are some gadget brands … Read more