Used Car Extended Warranty Prices: A Guide for Tanzanian Buyers

Used Car Extended Warranty Prices: A Guide for Tanzanian Buyers

If you are considering purchasing a used car in Tanzania, one important thing to consider is an extended warranty. An extended warranty can provide extra protection for your investment and give you peace of mind on the road. In this guide, we will take a closer look at used car extended warranty prices in Tanzania and what factors affect them.

What is an Extended Warranty?

An Extended Warranty is essentially an insurance policy that provides coverage beyond the manufacturer’s original warranty period. It covers repairs or replacement of covered components if they fail due to defects in materials or workmanship.

Why Get an Extended Warranty?

Getting an extended warranty for your used car can be beneficial as it helps to protect you from unexpected repair costs which could be costly over time. Additionally, warranties can usually be transferred when selling your vehicle, increasing its value.

Factors That Affect Extended Warranty Costs

When shopping around for a used car extended warranty, there are several factors that determine the cost:
– Age, Make and Model: Prices vary depending on how old your vehicle is, its make and model. Newer models tend to have higher-priced warranties.
– Coverage Period: Longer periods attract higher prices.
– Deductibles: The amount payable by the owner when making claims.
– Restrictions on Repairs: Some warranties restrict where owners can take their cars for repairs.
– Additional Benefits such as roadside assistance services may influence price.

Where to Shop

It’s always advisable to shop around before settling on any particular provider:
Some reputable providers include:

1) AA Insurance Limited offers competitive rates with various tailored products covering both electrical & mechanical breakdowns;
2) Jubilee Insurance offers Comprehensive Vehicle Cover plan with 4 levels of optional additional benefits;
3) First Assurance Company Limited Offers comprehensive cover with no hidden costs attached;

Ensure getting quotes from multiple providers before purchasing any policy; also read reviews and customer feedback before making any decisions.


Purchasing a used car extended warranty in Tanzania is an investment that can save you money over time, prevent breakdowns and repairs. Beyond the initial cost of the car, it is essential to consider additional protection for your vehicle. When selecting an extended warranty policy, it’s advisable to consider various factors affecting its price and get quotes from multiple providers before choosing one that meets both your needs and budget.


How much does an extended warranty for a used car typically cost?
Answer: The cost of an extended warranty for a used car depends on various factors such as the age and condition of the vehicle, the type and level of coverage selected, and the provider offering it. On average, you can expect to pay between 10-25% of your car’s purchase price for an extended warranty.

What are some typical things covered under an extended warranty for a used car?
Answer: An extended warranty may cover repairs or replacements for specific parts like engine, transmission, air conditioning system, electrical components, brake system etc., depending on the level of coverage chosen. Some warranties may also include roadside assistance or rental vehicle reimbursement in case your car needs to be kept in repair shop overnight.

Are all providers offering used car warranties reliable and trustworthy?
Answer: No, not all providers offering used car warranties are reliable or trustworthy. Before buying any extended warranty plan for your vehicle make sure to do proper research about the company offering it by checking their reputation online through customer reviews and ratings websites like BBB. Also read through their terms and conditions carefully so there are no surprises when you need to use it in future!

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