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YouTube TV NFL Sunday Ticket Price in Tanzania: Is It the Best Option?

YouTube TV NFL Sunday Ticket Price in Tanzania: Is It the Best Option?

If you are a football fan living in Tanzania and looking for ways to watch NFL games, then you might be wondering if YouTube TV is the best option. In this article, we will be discussing everything you need to know about YouTube TV NFL Sunday Ticket price in Tanzania and whether it’s worth subscribing to.

What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is an online streaming service that allows users to watch live and on-demand television from over 85 channels. The service provides access to popular networks such as ABC, NBC, FOX, ESPN, CNN, and many others.

You can watch videos on multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets or laptops using an internet connection. Users also have access to unlimited cloud-based DVR storage with recordings stored for up to nine months.

What is NFL Sunday Ticket?

NFL Sunday Ticket is a subscription-based sports package offered by DIRECTV that allows users to stream live out-of-market regular-season professional football games every Sunday afternoon during the season. If your favorite team isn’t playing locally or if you’re simply a fan of more than one team and want access beyond what local broadcasts provide – this package could definitely improve your viewing experience.

Can You Watch NFL Games Live on YouTube TV in Tanzania?

Unfortunately no! Currently watching live NFL games via YouTubeTV in Tanzania isn’t possible due various reasons including licensing restrictions etc.

Moreover despite worldwide presence Google currently hasn’t launch their services officially within African countries including Tanzanian hence only foreigner having US IP address can enjoy their subscription over there but even though they face geo-restrictions consequently accessing through VPN results copyright infringement which makes the task illegal.

Alternatives Options To Watching Live NFL Games

1) FuboTV: It’s known as Sports lovers paradise providing much variety compared few options available which combine CBS plus Fox broadcasting network coverage at $64.99 per month

2) NFLGamePass: Home to every out-of-market game, with a lot of original shows and series available such as Hard knocks, Sound FX

How Much Does the NFL Sunday Ticket Cost in Tanzania?

The cost for an NFL Sunday Ticket subscription varies depending on where you live. In Tanzania, since it’s not available so pricing plan doesn’t exist.

However if we take US pricing plan into consideration then streaming prices start at $294 per season for basic access or $396 per season for DirecTV’s MAX package which includes Red Zone channel plus exclusive FantasyZone channels along with some more features.

Is YouTube TV Worth Subscribing To?

If your main focus is watching live NFL games, then YouTube TV might not be the best option as it currently does not offer access to these games in Tanzania due to licensing restrictions and geo-restrictions.

If you’re looking for a good variety of channels covering news sports documentaries across multiple prime networks including BBC World News , Fox Sports 1&2 , ESPN etcetera Yes! Go ahead.

Overall whether one should subscribe or not depends on their preferences regarding services this streaming platform has provide alongside price tag attached with each subscription package.


In conclusion, while there are several options available that allow you watch live football (NFL) in different countries unfortunately due Geo-location restriction accessing through VPN results copyright infringement hence illegal but ultimately users from Tanzania cannot avail this facility via Google’s online Streaming platform; YouTubeTV.

While there are alternatives like FuboTV and NFL Game Pass but You have to choose based upon what features offerings & specifications they do provide within how much money spent on subscriptions


What is the cost of NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV in Tanzania?

The cost of NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV in Tanzania is $64.99 per month. This includes access to all out-of-market games, as well as exclusive content and features.

    Can I watch NFL Sunday Ticket on multiple devices with a single subscription?

    Yes, you can watch NFL Sunday Ticket on up to three devices simultaneously with a single subscription on YouTube TV in Tanzania. This allows you to share your account with family or friends who may be interested in watching the games as well.

      Is YouTube TV’s NFL Sunday Ticket package the best option for NFL fans living in Tanzania?

      YouTube TV’s NFL Sunday Ticket package is certainly a great option for those living in Tanzania who are avid football fans. However, it ultimately depends on your budget and viewing preferences. Other streaming services also offer access to live football games, including SlingTV and Hulu + Live TV, so it may be worth comparing prices and features before making a decision.