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Zikel Cosmetics Price List in Tanzania

Zikel Cosmetics is one of the leading cosmetics brands in Africa. This brand has offices all over Tanzania in several other African countries.

Would you like to know how much Zikel Cosmetics products cost in Tanzania? We will show you a price list containing different Zikel Cosmetics products in this post. Also, we will answer a few questions about cosmetics in the latter part of this post. This promises to be exciting so let’s get started right away.

Zikel Cosmetics Price List in Tanzania

If you are looking for high-quality cosmetics in Tanzania, you might want to consider Zikel Cosmetics. With a wide range of products that cater to various skin types and preferences, Zikel Cosmetics has become a popular choice among beauty enthusiasts in the country. In this article, we will take a closer look at the top 10 Zikel Cosmetics prices in Tanzania.

  1. Zikel Cosmetics Liquid Foundation: This foundation is available in various shades to match different skin tones and is priced at approximately TZS 25,000. It provides medium to full coverage, is long-lasting, and has a smooth, dewy finish.
  2. Zikel Cosmetics Matte Lipstick: This lipstick comes in a variety of shades and is priced at approximately TZS 15,000. It has a creamy, long-lasting formula that dries to a matte finish and does not feather or smudge.
  3. Zikel Cosmetics Mascara: This mascara is priced at approximately TZS 20,000 and is designed to volumize, lengthen, and define lashes. It has a waterproof formula that stays put all day.
  4. Zikel Cosmetics Blush Palette: This palette includes six complementary shades and is priced at approximately TZS 25,000. It has a silky, blendable formula that provides a natural-looking flush of color.
  5. Zikel Cosmetics Highlighter Palette: This palette includes six shimmering shades and is priced at approximately TZS 30,000. It has a creamy, pigmented formula that can be applied to cheekbones, brow bones, and Cupid’s bow to enhance the skin’s natural radiance.
  6. Zikel Cosmetics Eye Shadow Palette: This palette includes 12 shades in a variety of finishes and is priced at approximately TZS 35,000. It has a blendable, long-lasting formula that can be used to create various eye looks.
  7. Zikel Cosmetics Eyeliner: This eyeliner is available in black or brown and is priced at approximately TZS 20,000. It has a smudge-proof, long-lasting formula that glides on smoothly and provides precise definition.
  8. Zikel Cosmetics Lip Liner: This lip liner is available in a variety of shades and is priced at approximately TZS 15,000. It has a creamy, long-lasting formula that helps to prevent lipstick from bleeding and feathering.
  9. Zikel Cosmetics Setting Powder: This setting powder is available in one universal shade and is priced at approximately TZS 25,000. It has a lightweight, silky formula that helps to set makeup and reduce shine.
  10. Zikel Cosmetics Primer: This primer is priced at approximately TZS 30,000 and helps to prepare the skin for makeup application. It has a silky, lightweight formula that blurs the appearance of pores and fine lines, and provides a smooth base for makeup.

Zikel Cosmetics offers a wide range of high-quality cosmetic products at competitive prices in Tanzania. Whether you are looking for a new foundation, lipstick, or eye shadow palette, Zikel Cosmetics has something for everyone.

Price List of Zikel Cosmetics in Tanzania

Zikel Cosmetics was launched in Tanzania in 2017. This brand is targeted at satisfying women of color. The desire is to provide women in this category with products that will enhance their skin. With this, they will have healthy and radiant skin.

There are several products in the market manufactured by Zikel Cosmetics. Some of them include eye shadow, face pallets, face definer, makeup boxes, etc. Finding out the prices in the market might be quite difficult. This is why we took it on ourselves to handle this task on your behalf. After surveying both offline and online sources, we have come up with the price list below:

Zikel Cosmetics Face Products

  • Sweat Block: TSh18,913 – TSh22,155
  • Powder Pallet – Big (Holy Grail): TSh53,500 – TSh58,850
  • Zikel X Tontolet(Face & Body Glow): TSh27,018 – TSh32,100
  • Powder Pallet (Big) Face Kit And Let’s Face It: TSh53,500 – TSh58,850
  • Zikel Hd Concealer – Second Skin – Light Weight – Water Proof – Full Coverage: TSh10,807 – TSh13,643
  • Pressed Powder (Stay Matte) 9 Shade Type Compact Powder: TSh10,807 – TSh14,590
  • Powder Pallet (Mini) Face Kit And Let’s Face It: TSh27,018 – TSh32,100
  • Fixing Spray – Sealed Makeup Fixing Spray – Setting Spray – Long Lasting: TSh10,807 – TSh16,050
  • Sparkling Honey Dust – Glow Dust – Loose Mineral Highlighter: TSh27,018 – TSh33,288
  • Zikel Liquid Highlighter (Sparkle): TSh18,913 – TSh22,470
  • Tube Foundation – Pro-Matte – High Definition – Perfect Finish Foundation: TSh16,050 – TSh22,470
  • Pressed Powder (Studio Fix) 9 Shades: TSh10,807 – TSh14,980
  • Face Definer – Hd.High Definition – Highlighter – Contour – Bronzer: TSh10,807 – TSh14,590
  • Face Primer – Stay Matte – Mattifier And Wrinkle Filler – Hypo-Allergenic 30ml.E: TSh13,643 – TSh17,292
  • Blush Pallet – Glamorous 16 Color Blush Bronzer And Powder Pallet: TSh27,018 – TSh34,380
  • Zikel Beauty Blender Kit: TSh18,913 – TSh24,557
  • Zikel Translucent Setting Powder: TSh27,018 – TSh32,100
  • Even True Foundation – Pro Full Coverage – High Definition – Matte Poreless: TSh14,980 – TSh19,646
  • Glow Kit – Bronzer And Highlighter Pallet: TSh18,913 – TSh21,828
  • Zikel Foundation Stick: TSh18,913 – TSh22,470
  • Beauty Blender: TSh10,807 – TSh13,643

Zikel Cosmetics Eye Products

  • Zikel Eye Shadow Primer (All New & Improved): TSh8,106 – TSh11,348
  • Contact Lens Kit – The Eye Is A Powerful Tool: TSh21,828 – TSh26,194
  • Zikel 14 Color Splash Eyeshadow: TSh16,050 – TSh19,795
  • Gel Liner – Smudge Proof Eyeliner – Matte Pure Black: TSh8,106 – TSh12,006
  • Zikel 3 In 1 Lashes: TSh10,807 – TSh16,050
  • Zikel 5 In 1 Eye Lashes: TSh13,643 – TSh17,292
  • Zikel Eye Lash Pallet- Holy Grail- (16 Pairs) – Book Of Lashes: TSh32,100 – TSh37,450
  • Contact Lens (Bottle) – Clinically Tested: TSh10,807 – TSh14,050
  • Zikel Magnetic Lashes: TSh18,913 – TSh21,283
  • Zikel Rios Eye Shadow Pallet: TSh27,018 – TSh31,105
  • Zikel Seun Williams Eyeshadow Pallet: TSh16,050 – TSh19,646
  • Zikel Mascara – (High Impact) – Light Fit Texture – All Day Curling – Easy Cleaning: TSh8,106 – TSh12,429
  • Glitters Eye Shadow Pallet: TSh27,018 – TSh32,100
  • Luxurious Strip Lash: TSh10,807 – TSh13,643
  • Zikel 14 Color Nude Eyeshadow: TSh16,050 – TSh19,795
  • Eye Liner – All-New Covet Water Proof Eyeliner: TSh5,457 – TSh7,490
  • Zikel Lhidhia Stanley 24 Colors Eyeshadow Palette: TSh27,018 – TSh31,881
  • Zikel Liquid Eyeliner: TSh13,643 – TSh16,751

Zikel Cosmetics Lips Products

  • Zikel X Ahdah Lip Gloss – Crytal Clear – Pour Les Levres: TSh5,457 – TSh8,106
  • Zikel Lips-Talk Glossy Lip Cream – Lip Gloss: TSh5,457 – TSh8,106
  • Lipstain Xoxo – Matte – Long Lasting – Fashion – Pick Single: TSh5,457 – TSh8,106
  • Zikel Lips Pallet -Lips Don’t Lie!: TSh24,557 – TSh27,820
  • Zikel X Makeup Ghana Lipstain: TSh8,106 – TSh10,807
  • Zikel X Bregha (Luscious Lipglaze): TSh8,106 – TSh10,807
  • Zikel Luxury Matte Lipstick: TSh10,165 – TSh12,840
  • Zikel 24hrs (Kiss Proof) Lipstain – 6 Rich Intense Colors: TSh5,457 – TSh7,490

Zikel Cosmetics Accessories

  • Zikel 18 Inches Ring Light With Mirror: TSh187,250 – TSh214,000
  • Makeup Apron – Zikel Makeup Apron – With Touch: TSh10,807 – TSh13,643
  • 23 Set Kabuki Brushes: TSh53,500 – TSh64,200
  • Professional Multi-Purpose Trolley Cosmetics Box: TSh221,009
  • Zikel Transparent Bag – Makeup Bag: TSh8,106 – TSh12,840
  • Zikel Portable Multi-Functional Fan (Mini USB Rechargeable Fan) – A Fresh Summer: TSh13,643 – TSh16,050
  • Zikel Table Ring Light: TSh27,018 – TSh32,100
  • Makeup Brush Cleaner – Battery Operated: TSh37,450 – TSh42,800